What to do for a date night in NYC?

What to do for a date night in NYC? Topic: The case store new york
July 17, 2019 / By Bysshe
Question: Hello :) so my boyfriend's 20th birthday is coming up and i've decided to surprise him with a trip to NYC. We'll be taking the Vamoose bus to Penn Station and we'll be staying at the Hilton Time Square. I haven't really been to New York and I was wondering what would be a good date night. What are the best restaurants and best attractions. He's really into film and he is a huge gamer so if there's anything to do with that that would be great! We are both underage so bars aren't really an option. We'd be there on a sunday night also in case that changes anything. Also I do not want to spend TOO much money since i'm already paying for transportation and hotel :P Thank you so much for your help (: !
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Aldwen Aldwen | 10 days ago
As a gamer myself, I'd advise taking him to Video Games New York. Its a retro game store with games as old as Atari 2600 on sale. They also have modern systems and games on sale too. The Empire State Building is also a short walk away from your hotel, so you two going there at night might be nice too.
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