What should I wear to the New York Metropolitan Opera?

What should I wear to the New York Metropolitan Opera? Topic: Business plan formal
July 17, 2019 / By Cade
Question: My girlfriend is a music major, so for her birthday, I've purchased tickets for La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera. The real question is, what kind of decorum should I expect in terms of what to wear? I'm planning on wearing a Tuxedo, and she's wearing a fancy dress. Is that overdoing it? What should I wear? I was going to take her to dinner first.
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Aldwin Aldwin | 1 day ago
A formal business suit would be more appropriate than a tuxedo. The exception would be if you were going to a "gala event" at the Met, such as a fundraiser, or formal dinner for major donors. Your girlfriend can stick with her fancy dress.
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Talulla Talulla
I go to the opera a few times a year. I only rarely see a tuxedo. Nice business dress is more appropriate. Oddly enough, women often dress much nicer than men, so your if your girlfriend wants to go all out, she'll still be very appropriate. But give up on the tux!
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Renie Renie
I am glad that you realize that the opera is still one of the few dressy events that we have left. A tuxedo may be a little over the top, but a suit is in order.
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Mignonette Mignonette
If you are going to the opera, a tuxedo is a must. https://www.myowntuxedo.com/c-1-formal-c... GOOD LUCK
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