Why am i having a hard time losing weight?

Why am i having a hard time losing weight? Topic: How to write a weight loss goal
June 17, 2019 / By Caden
Question: I started to binge alot since i am in college and finals started. Now in winter break i want to at least lose 10 pounds this break. So what do i do so i don't give up again? By the way i am 19 years old, weight 192 and 5'7. My goal is to weigh 130. It feels so far away -____- any advice appreciated. I want to lose it by the time i turn 20. Of course i also want to do it because i want to be healthy. I am tired of being fat. By the way i been overweight since i was in elementary. Any advice appreciated :) Mature Answers Only.
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Alec Alec | 2 days ago
I hear your pain. I've had that much weight to lose after breast cancer and chemo several years ago. Here's what worked for me. After a lot of unrealistic goals, I set myself a goal of losing 5 pounds a month. But it if was 4 pounds, that was okay, too. If things got tough and there was a holiday, maintain and don't gain. Give yourself plenty of time. I would say at least a year. Your goal is to always be going down all of the time or maintaining. I had a calendar on my computer, and I wrote down my weight every day. I still do that. If you can, get a good digital scale. I have a Tanita, and it's supposed to be one of the best. I ordered mine from Amazon because that was easiest for me. You are in a difficult time not to binge but you understand that. Don't keep anything in the house that is bad for you. If others in your family have junk, here's what I do: I make them lock it up. Cookies, candies are in a big toolbox I bought with a lock. Everything else is in the freezer and it gets locked at night because that is when I binge. The other thing I still do is fill up on good foods. Pan broiled fish, a lot of apples, almonds, bananas, and a green drink. Strawberries sprinkled with Truvia. I have a good whey powder that is 115 calories and it has 22 grams of protein. I use it in a smoothie with Soy Silk, and a frozen banana. (I am NOT saying these are my favorite foods. But they are my safety net. If I have protein and fruit in me, I'm not hungry. Also, I try not to let a speck of sugar in my mouth, because the binge will begin.) I know they say not to eat at night. I can't sleep on an empty stomach. I always have an apple and a few almonds or raisins at bedtime. Here is my best and only way that I can maintain. I usually hesitate to mention it because it's an investment. That is my Bodybugg. At first I didn't want to spend the money. It is cheaper than joining gyms or WW or the other diet things. It is the only way to know exactly how much I've burned and what my calorie deficit is. If you've ever watched The Biggest Loser, I've heard they use them. Before my BB I thought I had a bad metabolism. I was eating more than I burned. It's amazing how much you have to burn to have a deficit for 500 calories a day. Another good thing it taught me is that you don't have to go to a gym, do exercise routines or run to burn calories. I started doing my laundry and cleaning before I walked and swam. I'm sure you walk around campus a lot. Turns out that doing laundry burned as much as walking on my treadmill. Going up and down stairs is amazing. If you don't feel you can spend the money, you might consider saving for it. The other thing that I enjoy now is reading weight loss blogs. Find one, and you'll find a whole network out there of girls and women just like yourself! Lots of them have lost from 100 to 250 pounds. Good luck! You can do it!
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Alec Originally Answered: I try SooOo hard! Why am I not losing weight?
Here is something that I found with proven results. MaxWLX Participants at the University of Connecticut lost an average of •  21.5 lbs. of Body Fat in 8 weeks! •  3.96 inches off their waist •  3.28 inches off their hips •  1.20 inches off each thigh 90% More Effective than diet and exercise alone! http://www.maxgxl.com/pdf/UCONN_clinical... http://www.maxgxl.com/pdf/UCONN_Abstract... No hype just scientific research that supports that it works. Check it out for yourself at http://www.maxgxl.com/wlx If you have any questions email me through my profile. Best Wishes, Rex White

Talullah Talullah
I have reduce off junk meals all in combination.. Just becuz any one cuts off junk meals doesnt imply crap. I weigh 310 kilos, five'eleven". My metabolism is tousled. I consume one hundred% healthful, no junk meals in any respect, and the one factor I ever drink is water--no juice, pop, and many others. I additionally do aerobic coaching four-five days every week, 1hour every consultation. Doesnt imply I shed pounds. If your metabolism is dangerous, its dangerous, very VERY rough to get it to modify. I am on a vitamin in which im simplest consuming problematic carbs when you consider that sensible carbs sluggish metabolism; i cant also have white flour or candy end result ever once more. You will have to definetly drinkmore water btw. do I seek on the internet for "day-to-day water consumption calculator" discover a caluculator, input your weight, it tells you ways a lot water to drink, and if u dont drink that quantity, then its additionally quite rough to shed pounds. I must drink a gallon an afternoon situated on my frame weight.
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Retha Retha
the best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you eat. increase burning calories by being more active by walking everyday or lifting weights. of course reduce the number of calories you eat each day by eating more fruits and vegetables and increase your water intake. more information available at: http://www.bestdietedge.com http://www.bestabsroutine.info
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Mikayla Mikayla
the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon may dial up your bodys ability to burn fat especially if you add some exercise
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Mikayla Originally Answered: Why am I gaining weight instead of losing?
people who begin exercising sometimes start eating more, without even noticing it. They do it for two reasons. First, they have bigger appetite because they move more and burn more calories. So, they eat more without even noticing it, and it tastes better, too, because many overweight people were not even hungry before - they ate because they were bored, because they could and so on. Now they are genuinely hungry, everything tastes better, they eat more and gain weight after they exercised. Second, they think that they are burning a lot of calories, and can now eat this or treat themselves to that, yet they do not burn as much as they think, and they eat what they usually won't eat because of the high caloric content. This treat may have more caloric content which they burned during their workout. Then they have their regular meals, too, and at the end they've worked out hard and have gained weight! Then there is that myth which says that when you join a gym and exercise for a week or two, you gain muscle, and it's heavier than the fat. It's not true. To gain even one pound of muscles, one must work hard and for many weeks. You can't just lift weights for a couple of weeks, and suddenly become all muscle. You'll need to work much much harder than that, and for much much longer. People can't cope with the fact that they worked out hard, and gained weight, so they use this myth to justify themselves. What can you do about it: 1. Start a food journal, and write down everything you eat, to track down the calories. 2. Stop treating yourself. "I exercised hard, now I eat this tempting little muffin" - to burn the calories from that little muffin you will have to sprint run for an hour, and it's only to stay the same, not to become thinner! This is too hard of a work, so drop processed high caloric food from your diet. 3. Slow down with exercises until your body gets used to it. This way, you will have smaller appetite and will be less hungry. By and by your body will get used to your activity level, and then you can work out more. Start slowly and work your way up to the intense workouts. When you are ready to be more intense, your body will be smaller, your stomach will shrink, and you won't tend to overeat.

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