How do you count the first measure in this piano piece?

How do you count the first measure in this piano piece? Topic: First next last writing paper
June 17, 2019 / By Cadence
Question: The song 'Good Morning To You!' from Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course Level 1 is what confuses me on the counts, specifically in the first measure. They just show the G quarter note by itself, so I'm wondering if you count only 1 beat and then start counting "1-2-3" for next measure and so on? Thank you in advance!!! Oh yes, it is in 3/4 measure. Wait, how did you figured out how to count like that? It would have been a continuation with the last measure if they asked you to play it twice, but for this song, they only want you to play it once.
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Aleck Aleck | 3 days ago
It is conventional notation when a piece starts on the 'up beat,' ie. the last beat of what would be a full measure. That avoids a lot of ink for literally nothing. If written out, there would be two quarter note rests and then the last quarter. Saves space, ink, paper. Since you are beginning, I would count, out loud or in your head, 1, 2, 3, and enter on the three. That helps you set the pulse for the whole piece. If in 4/4 and starting on the last beat of a measure, the convention is the same, that first measure would look identical, the only difference the time signature. Best regards.
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Tameka Tameka
Is it in 3/4 measure ? if it is,u just count 123,223,323,423 for the whole song becos the song is in 3/4measure
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Rexana Rexana
You start on the 3 i.e. 3123123 etc however, you can "count yourself in" i.e. 123123123 and not play on the first 12
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Mikki Mikki
Yeah you start on beat three Just count... one two 'THREE'... then start on the three... then keep going. Or you could just start like : THREE one two three, one two three.... ect. It's called a "grace note"
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