Help with carrer choices?

Help with carrer choices? Topic: How to write a sells presentation
June 17, 2019 / By Cadogan
Question: so my teacher asked me what i wanted to be when i get to college and i told her i dont know then she said that i needed to figure out soon because life goes by fast so what i am asking is what are some fun jobs with a great pay or at least average pay
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Alen Alen | 4 days ago
Hi, this is a good question. You did not say much about yourself so the important thing is not answering your teacher, but getting the right answer for your life. First ask your parent and then ask your parent friends. If they are not giving you the answer that you are looking for then read in the net about the best jobs and job and pay (salary). The most important thing is not the job but you. You must build your power to generate income. The two important things about the earning power are the relationship (learning how to build relationship) and education(university education such as accounting, finance, engineering and building skills such as selling, writing, presentation, languages,..) Now that you know how to build your earning power, then go for job such as sales if you like to meet and deal with people directly all the time or computer programing if you prefer not to deal with people directly all the time.
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Alen Originally Answered: Uni help? too many choices?
You can start psychology in college. Plus a lot of 100-level (introductory) courses are prerequisites for the more advanced courses. My recommendation for you would be to take a psychology class during your freshman year of college and see how you like it. I never took psychology in high school and am now taking the intro to psych class and I'm doing perfectly fine. Colleges generally give you until the end of sophomore year to declare your major, so in your first 3 semesters expose yourself to as many departments/intro courses to majors that you can (you will probably be doing this anyway with general education requirements). This will be the most accurate way to see how you like a variety of subjects.
Alen Originally Answered: Uni help? too many choices?
i took law and italian... and enjoyed both... although i took some psychology credits and it was awesome.. really interesting... I think philosophy and psychology are a good combination.. they are both very mentally stimulating. law is nice too if you feel like studying your *** off... even if you don't become a lawyer it teaches you about life as the real thing the rules of society.. you can see it in that way and it becomes interesting.... good luck :)

Tamela Tamela
Well, most people just get a general business degree for their Associates like me. I am then getting Bachelors in Management so it just depends if that is something you want to do. I can tell you that a AA in Business is the best way to start because then you'll know more of yourself and what you want to become!
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Rexanne Rexanne
you ought to take instructions in a backup occupation. I say bypass to college to be a picture clothier not a actor, yet nonetheless do performing on the element. in case you have been to considerable in functioning at school....maximum in all risk your going to be coaching theatre instructions at some college someplace. I mean there are a number of diverse guidelines you are able to take with it. yet being powerful in performing is in simple terms as lots by using fact the possiblility of fixing right into a expert athlete. a million in 1millionsomething. do performing on the element and if it relatively is going to become a occupation than so be it. reliable success
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Rexanne Originally Answered: New country choices?
As you are going only for a semester I'm guessing that you are going to an 'English' spoken exchange course and therefore will not learn the local language. As a result I would be thinking more of the practicalities (!) You have to live in a country and manage - shopping, going out etc and of course it depends on where your exchange institution is located. So check for each country which city/town this is, as it does make a big difference within a country what kind of experience you can have depending on where you are located. If it is a big city for all of them (apart from Russia I'm not sure about), then you could in principle manage, although English-spoken wise Germany and especially the Netherlands are easier to live in with just English (and the basics of the local language). Finally ask some questions about the college itself. - Is there a large international student contingent? (Much nicer if there is a group and you are not just one of a couple of foreign students) - Is accomodation laid on or do you have to find it yourself (really difficult in some places) - Is there a support dept/network at the college for foreign students (ie someone who can give you an introduction and you can ask questions to for the first days/weeks) I used to work for supporting (and recruiting) foreign/exchange students for a local college here in the Netherlands so got a good idea of what kind of questions/problems are encountered - but also many of them really enjoyed their experience (and didn't want to go home in the end). So if you do some homework in advance you can really help yourself to make the best choice Good luck

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