I am being bullied?

I am being bullied? Topic: How to write appeal letters
June 17, 2019 / By Cairo
Question: there is a girl who is bullying me and others in our school. i am going to write an annonymous letter to the head of year explaining what shes like because everytime someone says something to a teacher, she just laughs behind there backs and carries on. What should i put on the letter?
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Alex Alex | 7 days ago
This bullying probably has an underlying meaning. I don't know your age, but teen girls typically bully boys that they like. It is an attention getter that works. If you just ignore her, it will probably go away. If that does not work, I would announce the obvious, that she can do whatever she wants to you and you will still not find her attractive, appealing, or a good candidate for a girlfriend, etc. I would try this before writing any letters to superiors. I would do you good to learn how to handle these type of situations on your own. If none of these suggestions work, I would then go to your superiors. Good Luck.
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Alex Originally Answered: How to get over being bullied for being ugly?
It is difficult, I fully understand. What you need to focus on is that those people who you used to be in contact with do not matter. The girl who began saying you were a racist was looking for racism in those around her. Those said you were on meth were idiots who were only accepting rumors as facts, and they soon became "facts" to the general population. Those kids, I do say kids because thats what they were mentally from the sound of things, didn't understand what they were doing. Their need to blend in with the crowd made you into their perfect scapegoat to distract attention from how messed up their own lives were. Think about how all of those who did make fun of you will be at the 10 year reunion if you even decide to go. How many broken marriages they'll have, the alcoholism that those who peaked in high school will be suffering after 10 years of not being considered "the man." You may never truely get over it as it will likely always be there at the back of your mind, however. Do your best, every day, to understand that no one knows what you've gone through until you tell them. Try your best to break out of your shell. Many of your fellow students probably had horrible nicknames in high school, perhaps even middle school, but they have changed the entire environment they were in. So have you. Only family and friends from your hometown matter. If it helps, any time you happen to hear a voice in yourself saying something hurtful, something dug up from the past, imagine its words coming to a hault because whatever whispered those words was punched in the stomach. Again, in your new school, NOONE KNOWS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH UNLESS YOU TELL THEM. Whatever image or personality you project, that is what they will know you as.

Tamia Tamia
I'm a mom of a kid who was being bullied at school. Have you tried speaking with the principal or school councilor? Try that before you write a letter. If however your set on writing the letter, explain that this person is disruptive to you and others with her bullying. Most schools have a no bully zone project. If that's not the case you might try to suggesting it to the student council or principal. Good luck
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Rhetta Rhetta
OK so everyone tells you not to tattle when younger but this is a time that makes it acceptable. I had a similar issue when I was in elementary school. I had a girl in my class who decided to bully me and some of my friends. One day I came home crying and I told my mom everything. She herself called the principle to complain and explained in detail who and what the bully was doing. Well when the bully was up to one of her normal stunts within the following days, the teachers were ready and caught her picking on us. So she got in a lot of trouble without knowing I had told on her. If the bullying is severe, skip the letter and speak to your parents. I am sure they will be more than happy to help!
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Milicent Milicent
Report the bullying that you have personally experienced to your parents. They should contact the school counselor or principal. You should also report to the teacher. This should be specific information (behavior) that you have witnessed. A statement like " laughing and carries on" is not bullying.
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Milicent Originally Answered: Scared my daughter will get bullied at school?
You have to take things as they come. Your daughter might be bullied and she might not, everyone gets bullied at one point in their lives or another, especially in High School. You can't stop living your life because of bullying, it's one of those things that make you stronger. If you teach your daughter at home she won't get to socialize with people her age, make friends and enjoy her life. It's tough as a parent, but you have to let her take care of herself, it's the only way she will grow. Bullying has gotten a LOT better in recent years because of all of the tragic suicides about it. People take bullying VERY seriously. While it still happens, people really do not tolerate it at all. There was a story about how a photographer refused to take pictures of these girls who were bullying this other girl because the photographer said they are ugly on the inside and she wont make them beautiful on the outside. It was really touching. Put your fears aside and let your daughter live her life, she might not thank you for it, but if you don't she will hate you because of it. And if you ever hear your daughter is being bullied you can take it up with the principal and the teachers at the school. Don't be scared, everyone gets bullied, it makes us stronger and more successful if we overcome it.

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