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June 17, 2019 / By Cal
Question: I watched my friend play xcom:enemy within this Sunday and he let me borrow enemy unknown. I know that enemy unknown and enemy within Are both canon. But is Xcom declasified even part of the xcom series? It's not a turn based game? My guess was that xcom declassified isn't canon but enemy unknown and enemy within are. Please give me your thoughts. Also, since I'm new to the xcom games (and turn based games in general) can you give me advice about the game and if I need certain people or whatever ( I'm only 3 minutes into the game
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Alf Alf | 8 days ago
Xcom Declassified isn't cannon. It's a spin-of game that was going to be a spin-off, had the Xcom part removed, and then had the Xcom part tacked back on. Enemy Unknown/Within are the same world, Within just adds some new techs and a human faction that opposes Xcom. Here's my advice for new players: 1. Take your time. Save for a few missions there is no time limit to a battle. 2. Advance your units slowly. Cover isn't your friend, its a survival requirement. 3. Over watch is great, and should be used whenever you either don't have a shot, or the shot percentage is too low to risk. 4. Expect losses. You are going to lose squad mates, especially at higher difficulties. 5. Always have at least one squadie with a arc-thrower. You really only need to capture live aliens once, but you still get their equipment if you stun instead of kill. (But you have to research it before you can use it.) 6. There should always be a support and always be a sniper on your team. They are the most useful/deadly of the classes in a take-it-slow kind of gameplay. 7. Consider skills very carefully. Each column of skills leads to a different play-style to the class. For example: The Squad-Sight column on the sniper creates a squadie that take the high-ground and rarely moves, while the Snap Shot column leads to a more mobile one. 8. At the same time, some skills are just better, don't be afraid to mix-and match columns. 9. As per noted in 7, different builds make different squad mates. It doesn't hurt to have one of each, as different builds sometimes work better in different missions.
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Tamika Tamika
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a spin off of the series and I would rather say that it's a bad spin off. XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within are a part of the series. The advice would be to send as much satellites as you can, always have a support class with a smoke grenade and try to get as much heavy soldiers as possible because their rocket launcher deals pretty massive damage.
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Rhianna Rhianna
Watch Beaglerush and then practice what he teaches you. You will eventually get so good that you will never lose a soldier. I have played through 17 Classic games without a single casualty thanks to his advice. Also, turn on these Second Wave options: Not Created Equally, Hidden Potential, Aiming Angles, and Training Roulette (you should only do this after you have played through the game on easy, normal, and classic difficulty so you can become familiarized with the abilities of the classes). These options increase the uniqueness and replayability of XCOM playthroughs, so you might want to hold off until you feel you have grown tired of the standard playstyle. It took me many months of experimenting with second wave options to distill this list that will benefit the amount of fun you have playing the game while not increasing the difficulty (too much). In fact, some options can even be used to your advantage. I'll leave you to find out just what that means and how to apply it for yourself.
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