What do you think of my story idea?

What do you think of my story idea? Topic: How to write a book about fairy tales
June 24, 2019 / By Calder
Question: Bahahaha yes xD Another Vampire Novel. Tis the blurb to Vampire Games. xD When writing is in between these things: / it means it's in italics. /He loves me/...Things don't always go the way you expect and sometimes people aren't what they seem... Other times, even more confusingly, they are... /He loves me not/... What do you do when death is around every corner? When death is your saviour or your doom but you're not quite sure which? Vampires, the Reaper and horrors from the depths of dark fairy-tales just don't exist... at least that's what Vera Flynn thought before she was swept up in a vampire's game of intrigue, unimaginable twists and turns, cunning plots and a world right under her nose that she never knew existed. /He loves me/... But nothing is what it seems; not her family; not herself or her life; not the creatures of the underworld and not the seductive vampire in whose hands her dubious fate hangs. In a precarious balance of life and death, love and hate, terror and acceptance; does he love her or is there a new item on the menu? /He loves me not/... She finds herself at a cross roads – one question; two answers. What will she choose? Will it be too late and is it even her choice to make? What do you think? Do you want it? xD
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Alfie Alfie | 9 days ago
Well, after reading Twilight I've had a distaste for vampire stories, but this is good. It's really intriguing, how you wrote it so that people know enough about it to want to read it, without really knowing what it's all about. And from what I can tell from this (though it's not a lot to go off of), you're writing style is really interesting. Just make sure that while you're writing it you keep it original, there are a lot of vampire books out there that you're competing with. Good job! I hope it works out for you :)
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Alfie Originally Answered: What do you think about my story idea?
why would a random 7 year old be effected by 9/11 you should have someone important die in it or something to add more something. but i dont know its sorta boring I guess just as what little details you had I guess. a little uneventful i guess but if you add more and give the girl a big personality and maybe have problems like dealing with seperation and depression. good luck!!

Tammara Tammara
Hey you sound like a pretty good writer. Im an author as well and i would love to read it. Email it to me when your finished or just give me like half of it. My email is [email protected]
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Rhoda Rhoda
The grammar stands out as inaccurate. Paragraphs should be separated by a blank line, on-line, to make them easier to read. Character Design: https://sites.google.com/site/allusionsa... I recommend you find a writing community. https://sites.google.com/site/allusionsa... (This is a different page from above.)
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Rhoda Originally Answered: How is this story idea?
It's fine, however in my modest opinion I think that there should be a twist in the story. I believe that the intended twist, where the cousin comes to live in the house is not since it's the main plot. The part where the boyfriend confesses to the cousin about his feelings towards her and being rejected in return could serve as an excellent twist if you expand on that and make it a major rather than a minor incident.If not, it's going to be more of a teenage story especially with them two sorting out their differences at the end. Unless that is your aim (the aimed readers are teenagers rather than adults), I advice you to come up with a more interesting ending, and it's up to you how to do that. An example would be that the cousin turns out to be the bad person, or you can introduce a murder incident in the story where one of them end up killing the other and getting away with it.

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