Successful long distance relationship stories?

Successful long distance relationship stories? Topic: How to write a permission letter to school
June 17, 2019 / By Calvert
Question: I have absolutely fallen in love with my boyfriend. (I call him Beau, just to clear up things incase I use Beau instead of boyfriend.) But at the moment, he is 1,700 miles away in Connecticut going through the Coast Guard Academy's SWAB Summer and I miss him so much. He doesn't have a phone, or any means of communication other than letters. I have been writing to him constantly, telling him how I love him, miss him, how I think about him all day everyday, and just how I've been doing. And I've been dealing with being away from him pretty well, but lately its been so rough for me. I know he is so busy there and he can't write many letters back, but I can't help but feel pretty down about the situation, especially since I havent gotten much encouragement from family or friends. I guess you could say Beau is my only encouragement. But I was getting to thinking that maybe hearing some successful long distance stories could help me with this! Which is where my question comes in.... please tell me about your long distance relationship and what you did to get through the worst of times! :) Extra info: We're both 18 and we've been together for about 5 months now. But we've technically known eachother since middle school days... thank you! @ Tabs, I loooove the long stories, so I don't mind at all! But I did want to clear up some things you mentioned though :) In those 5 months, 4 of them, we were together and saw each other almost every single day. If we had gone one day with seeing one another, one of us would wake up to a "Good Morning Beau/Beautiful. I miss you, let's go out today." and we'd start making plans from early morning to late at night when we had to go home before curfew. And I honestly think I've gotten to know him inside and out pretty well. When we actually first met at a coffee shop, we sat there for three hours and just talked about everything under the sun, from everyday things, to politics, to morals, to marriage, and future plans, and i could tell instantly that he was a complete and genuine gentleman. He told me his thought of sex, was to wait until marriage, because it's a gift you should only ever give to your husband or wife, not to the girl on the street. So he w
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Alfred Alfred | 2 days ago
oh honey.. you sound like you really miss him. Lots of long distance relationships don't work out. Either the girl can't wait or can't take the pressure, breaks down and cheats, or breaks up. OR the guy isn't really a "good" guy ..plays you and cheats on you. OR he just is using you because he needs someone for the moment. It's hard to say. 5 months isn't long enough to know how he truly is. QUESTION: Are those 5 months been together or away still? I am not familiar with the Coast Guard's SWAB program or whatever but if he is planning on or already in military..it gets SO much harder. You need to know this guy very well if you are planning on marrying him (and from the way you are talking you sound like you might if he asks). SO LISTEN UP. I know this is long BUT here goes MY STORY :) ......................................... I met my bf (now husband) where we worked at. We were both 17. He liked me since he saw me. Even though we were both dating other ppl. Things went downhill for me with my boyfriend and his gf was really clingy to him so he dumped her months before my bf dumped me. He asked me to prom sometime later and even though I didn't like him because of what others said about him..I went. Not this is important.. You need to know if your guy is just all about having sex. If he is..he might just want you for sex..and that goes NOWHERE. My bf hardly tried to get physical. If I gave him permission or was okay with kissing or something that is when he took the liberty to do it. He never forced anything upon me. and we never had sex because he wanted ME not SEX from me. (until later when we got married of course! ) lol anyway back to my story..when he came around to ask me to date him I said yes. We had some trouble at first with trust but 5 months later he left for Basic because he joined the USAir Force before we dated. YES.. Times get tough..it's one of the hardest things to do is to wait. Letters don't come often to you which sucks.. I constantly wrote to him and sent pix of me which other guys WILL see so don't take naughty pix. Your bf won't like that. Don't constantly complain or talk too much about yourself in your letters. If times are tough ..don't tell him. Just say you had a bad day but its better b/c you are writing him. Trust me.. he does NOT need to know bad things are going on in your life..life for him in basic or w/e is a whole lot worse and you want him to be WORRY FREE while he is there. ANYWAY.. I got to see him like 2 months later and during tech school we didn't see eachother. 4-6 months would pass then I'd see him. it sucked. We got married @ 19 b/c he came home and I realized that he is going to leave me again and We loved each other so much. You need to make sure you are good with your parents and his parents because it is extra difficult to go thru marriage w/o their approval. My inlaws love me and so do my parents so marriage is good now when it comes to the parents. Things worked out for us because distance helped our relationship see how much we can take. We both loved each other and you just know when it's right. Make sure you talk about marriage, finances, etc before you get married. Hope this helped
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Alfred Originally Answered: Long Distance Relationship gone sour?
Usually I wouldn't respond to these type of questions, but since you posted a lengthy question are in need of genuine help, I will respond. I have been in a few long distance relationships, and they are difficult to maintain - both of you have to be equally committed and keep in regular contact. But this woman doesn't know how lucky she is to have a man like you, who obviously cares for a wellbeing, and you even flew to see her - so that says a lot. You don't have to prove you're dedicated to the relationship any more. However, this woman has some serious problems, she is not sure of what she wants, that includes you, and I doubt she has all of her marbles. And at times, she thinks you are in her way (wrongly or rightly). You may think you can help her, but I doubt she is the type of person that can be helped with easylove, only by toughlove. And there is no guarantee she is going to want to be with you if you give her toughlove. She might say f off, I will find a new boyfriend. If she says that, I would say to her go a head, because you're not going to find any one else that is going to fly to see you, or put up with your erratic behaviour, or give you genuine love like I do. If she doesn't get into medschool again this year, she is going to blame you, and won't want to be with you. My advice is terminate the relationship, tell her you are terminating it, and who knows she might come to her senses and says she wants you back, and if she wants you back, she would have to meet your T&Cs... If she can't keep to her promises, which she probably won't, you are best without her. Difficult I know, but really it's best.

Tamra Tamra
This Site Might Help You. RE: Successful long distance relationship stories? I have absolutely fallen in love with my boyfriend. (I call him Beau, just to clear up things incase I use Beau instead of boyfriend.) But at the moment, he is 1,700 miles away in Connecticut going through the Coast Guard Academy's SWAB Summer and I miss him so much. He doesn't have a...
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Ria Ria
Look at photos of you two together! Do you have any videos of him? If you are close with them, spend time with his family (: I'm sorry, I don't have any successful long-distance relationship stories I've experienced myself, they've usually cheated on me :( But one thing you could do is go on YouTube and watch all those cute videos about long-distance couples, etc.
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Millie Millie
I have been alive for 63 years. I have had a LDR. I have seen countless LDR's. I only have ONE success-story: a bf of mind had a father who went over to Europe in WWII (as a soldier). She waited for him. But .. they belonged to an entirely different generation with totally different attitudes. That does't work so well today. Sorry ... LDR's are a lesson in misery, drawn-out and prolonged. Great suffering before the inevitable breakup.
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Lilian Lilian
I met my husband April 2009 2 months before I got out of the army which was in June 2009.I had already fallen head over heels in love with him by then. When I got back to Alabama I called him to let him know I made it safely he then told me he loved me and that he had fallen in love with me. We were a little over a thousand miles apart me in Alabama and him in Kansas. He flew down to see me at least -5 times on 4 day weekends. He visited me down there on Easter weekend of 2010 asked me to marry him. We talked on the phone every night and texted throughout the day. November 2010 he asked us to move up to Kansas to be with him. We got married in December 2010 and have been together for a total of 3 1/2 years and looks like we are expecting a little one. Oh and I have 2 1/2 year old girl whom I was pregnant with when I first met him. He has treated her like his own.
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Lilian Originally Answered: How do I tell my long distance boyfriend that I’m busy when he wants to see me?
Tell him that you have decided to take your school work seriously and no time to waste on a love affair.As you are giving priority to studies you may not be able to continue the affair any longer .Say that you wish him all the best with a girl who has enough time for romance.

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