My friends keep trying to read my diary.How can I get them to stop?

My friends keep trying to read my diary.How can I get them to stop? Topic: the homework diary
July 17, 2019 / By Cam
Question: So, I just started to keep a diary about a year ago and I carry it in my purse or backpack with me everywhere I go in case inspiration hits me. Well, my two best friends and I were in my bedroom and we were working on homework about a week ago. Well, I went to the bathroom really quick and when I came back, they were sitting on my bed, reading my journal where I had written some really deep secrets that I have never told anyone including my parents or them. I just stood there for a minute where they couldn't see me trying to control my temper, when they started laughing at my thoughts. I came in and grabbed my diary back and told them that it was for my eyes only and that they could never read it again. Well, ever since then every time I turn my back or leave it out of sight, they try to pick it up and flip through it or try to read it. I have told them to not touch it and I try to hide it somewhere where they won't be able to find it, but they keep searching for it. How can I get them to stop? It is really driving me nuts and I just want one place where I can keep my thoughts to myself without people reading them behind my back. Any ideas? That's the thing though. If I leave it at home, they will be at my house some time and they will find it and read it.
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Alfy Alfy | 4 days ago
Hide it in a place no one would think to look for it in. And instead of carrying your diary everywhere, leave the diary at hope and carry a small notepad or something to write your thoughts in when you're out and then when you're home, write it in your diary. Also, if they find it in your room, show them you're not kidding! Yell at them if you have to! They still insist on reading it because they're not taking you seriously, you need to show them who's boss ;)
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Alfy Originally Answered: Diary- I always stop after a few entries! How can I keep it up?
I have the same problem sometimes, but what I have found helps the most is just to keep my journal by my bedside. Every night before I go to sleep, I grab it and just write about my day. It's generally nothing profound, but it really helps me to get my thoughts down and work through whatever I'm going through. Don't worry if your days are boring--most people's are--and it's not like you are writing your diary for anyone else to read. It is not a best selling novel-don't think, just write. It's also a good way to just unwind and relax before going to bed. It takes some perseverance at first to get in the habit of always writing in your diary, but it's well worth it once you get in the habit. (It's also really fun to go back a couple of years later and see what "tragedies" were going on in your life) Good luck!

Tamson Tamson
Just be direct & to the point. Tell them that its your journal 4 your eyes only! No bull! If they can't respect that then don't leave it where they can get at it. You can also put some kind of lock on it or a bunch of rubber bands so that they can't just flip it open so easily. Most importantly set boundaries & show them you mean it. True friends would respect that or start keeping a fake 1 & write silly stuff in there or boring stuff until they become bored with it & eventually 4get u keep a journal.
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Richardine Richardine
Of course your friends should respect your privacy, but sometimes temptation is too great. Try not taking your diary to school for a week or two and then entering events at the end of the day when they are still fresh in your mind. Pretty soon your friends will realize your not keeping it any more, and forget about it. Good Luck!
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Mindy Mindy
It's very simple really. If your "friends" have no respect for your privacy and invade your most private thoughts without regard for the pain they cause you, especially after you've asked (demanded) that they stop (do you see where this is going?) then they are really not your friends at all, just vicious harpies intent on hurting you. Drop them as friends and find real friends who will support and encourage you rather than trying to make you feel bad.
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Lilias Lilias
If you can buy the same diary and write random things in it, and keep it out in the open so if they want to read it, it will be no use to them. Either that or by a cover for the diary so it looks different.
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Lilias Originally Answered: How to stop being friends with someone?
The time has come for you to sit her down and let her know firmly that you are not interested in keeping a friendship with her. When she changes the subject, state" So, you understand that when I leave this room, I will not be contacting you or hanging out with you again, correct?" If she still acts like she is ditzy about what you are saying, then write it down on a piece of paper and in big letters that the friendship is over. If you have to do that, hand it to her and leave immediately. Then, change your phone number and/or block her from any social devices you have used so that she will finally get the hint that you don't see her as a friend any longer. If she does come around the second time you tell her and ask you why, tell her the truth and don't hold anything back to save face.

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