True seven wonders of the world.?

True seven wonders of the world.? Topic: Choosing a research question in psychology
July 16, 2019 / By Cameron
Question: I think that the true seven wonders of the world have been around forever but overlooked. My idea of the seven wonders is not buildings or man made objects. I think the true seven wonders of the world are, 1-sight, 2-hearing, 3-taste, 4-touch, 5-smell, 6- The ability to love, and 7- the ability to laugh. My question is if you could choose the seven wonders of the world what would they be?
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Alger Alger | 6 days ago
an interesting twist in this topic -- but after all '7 Wonders' about 'MANMADE' things, comp. to senses which are (arguably) God's design! -- And a chance to answer Narenda's question [now Closed]: The Taj Mahal will always be thought of as incredible memorial, of one man's love for a woman -- but to clear up apparent misconception in 1 entry -- it is not 'ranked 4th' in sense of these in any order -- these are just grouped together as '7 Wonders', "#1" doesn't outrank, is not a greater (more Wonderful?) than #2 whatever; each of them, supposedly, equally impressive; incidentally, there are Ancient W.O.T.W & a newer version; also arbitrary anyway -- (& I'd say there should be c 20 instead of 7); & a difference [a reminder, & I'll research each -- 7 Old & 7 New -- later]: some or most of Ancient Wonders: no longer exist [Colossus of Rhodes e.g] or were damaged, vandalized, or otherwise in disrepair -- comp. to Wonders of modern world, which (I assume) are 'still with us'. anyway, true about Human Senses [the foundation of psychology, BTW -- workings of the human being] -- & to think of it, WITHOUT these senses NONE of architectural masterpieces etc. would be possible!
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Tamzen Tamzen
I've always wondered about those 7 wonders and never took the time to research it. I like yours better no matter what they are.
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