Dutch-American Friendship Treaty?

Dutch-American Friendship Treaty? Topic: Uk essays illegal immigration
July 17, 2019 / By Camp
Question: Okay so first of and most important of all i want to say i am a 21 yr old natural born American Citizen Male . So my dream is and i i have always wanted to move to The United Kingdom but it is virtually impossible to move to England the legit way or in otherword's the legal way.i know how the UK Feels about illegals as it is the same for the USA with illegal mexicans along with any first world nation who has an immigration problem however i really want to do this through the proper Channels and not rely on trying to marry my way into England as the same applies to the rest of the EU Member States . I recently discover a "Per SAY" secret treaty (since majority of the american PUBLIC and even maybe dutch public isnt aware of this golden opportunity) between the United States and the Netherland exist a treaty which states that an american citizen as well as dutch can estbablish a bussiness in either countries known as the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) which will AUTOMATICALLY grant the individual a temporary work visa which allows the bearer to be self employ FOR 1 YR (WHICH IS RENEW on a yr to yr basis depending on the performance of the business which after 2yrs that's automatic permanent residency and after 5yr CITIZENSHIP =] WHICH is the whole point of this to then move freely across the EU with ease) and can only be self employ and cannot use by any means public funds or try to find work while in the netherland (as that would violate the terms of the visa) the visa has very clear restrictions and the person must provide funds for all his living expenses,medical insurance e.t.c the only requirement for the visa is that the person must have already available a minimum €4,500 for capital for the investment...OKAY now this is where the conundrum starts i already have clear understanding of all the above mention but my question is what kind of business could i possibly open in Netherland doesn't matter the location whether its Holland or Amsterdam or any other great business opportunity area within that budget.. I was thinking maybe a grocery deli store since its alot easier to manage and is less headache to keep up with all the goods that are sold . and once my first question is answer my second question is HOW DO I GO ABOUT even setting up my business as DAFT entreponour what offices do i have to go to registered my business and be licence to even be able to establish my potential business i did some independent research on the internet and came up with something that said i have to registered my business with the chamber of commerce or something in otherwords (SORRY FOR THE ESSAY by THE WAT) how on earth do i go about using the DAFT Scheme to esblish a grocery store business or any other business and what would be the minimum AMOUNT in euros i would require to open it .I imagine if the minimum requirement is €4,500 euros to start the business IT MUST mean there are businesses out there within that budget and what would be the cost's for all the paper work excluding the €4,500 OFCOURSE. I am willing to INVEST up to maybe 20-30k in euros (Since i plan on joining the marines to get the money in 4yrs) roughly $60,000 USD i am asking for the minimum amount i would need to esbalish any kind of business,doesnt have to be a deli it can be anything AS THIS IS ONLY TO DO my 5yrs to get dutch citizenship and move to england. OFCOURSE i intend to create jobs or while im there as i will mostlikely need to hire ATLEAST 1 english-dutch or spanish speaking person if they can speak it to work for me as a counter person or so and pay my taxes which is doing nothing but benefiting the nation of netherland which in the end everyone wins without leeching of the country of public funds or jobs,welfare e.t.c THANKS IN ADVANCE AND Serious responce/answer's ONLY! ty :)
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Algernon Algernon | 7 days ago
African Americans are a time period for blacks who came around to America by way of slave exchange within the 1700's, and after that. Terms don't constantly fully fit the drawback. I'm Asian, in order that way I'm African-Asian? Absurd. I do not feel you must make this kind of enormous deal out of a useful 'time period'.
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