What r the odds i can get into the university of chicago?

What r the odds i can get into the university of chicago? Topic: U of a application essay
June 17, 2019 / By Campion
Question: i currently have a 4.8GPA but im not doing very well in english. im a sophomore and highschool and next year im taking 4 AP classes and one honors class. ive been in mocktrial, sfs club, science olympiade, key club, and math team. i do terrible on tests and i dont think ill score well on the ACT's. do u think i have a chance in getting into the college of my choice?
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Alic Alic | 8 days ago
It does depend a lot on how the next year and a half plays out. If you continue to take challenging courses, receive good grades, and maintain your extracurriculars, you're on track. Of course, the SATs and ACTs do count for something as well. Buy a prep book or take a course (maybe this summer?) if you don't think you're going to do well. UChicago also cares very much about the person behind the numbers and application. The questions they ask on their supplement indicate that they are looking for someone who loves learning, discovery, and just academia in general. If you ever visit the campus, you will definitely feel a "vibe", and you will need to see if you could see yourself there, fitting into that "vibe". If you do, in fact, think you could thrive there, make sure that comes across in your essays, etc. Show your true colors and personality, and if they think you will fit in there, you will have a solid shot at admission. Good luck!
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Alic Originally Answered: Late transcripts University of Chicago?
As long as you filled out the application and sent in your payment, you should be fine. But they will not review your app until everything is in. Meanwhile other apps are being read and accepted.
Alic Originally Answered: Late transcripts University of Chicago?
Send in everything else and arrange for the transcripts to be sent after the break. It's possible that you'll get rejected for failing to meet their deadline, but they may also just not consider your application until they have all the necessary parts.

Tanner Tanner
The only way to find out is to apply. You will never know if you don't. I believe that there is a possibility that you will be accepted. You have a good GPA.
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Volunteer work is always a plus. As far as them hiring older, more experienced people, there is a double edged blade to that. A big company like target does look for experience. But at the same time they do not want over-qualified people that may demand more money. So instead they may choose to look for someone who they can get away with giving minimum wage to. Reguardless of age and work experience, always be pro-active about the whole applciation process. You can't just throw in your application and hope for the best. Chances are that they have hundreds of applications on file, via Internet or paper ones, that they pluck only a handful from. Your best bet is to make yourself known to the person incharge of staffing. Call up and ask to speak to the hiring manager. Make sure you let them know your name, for example- "Hello, my name is ---- and I just put in an application online, I was wondering if this position was still availble?" Nine times out of ten they are not still hiring, but if they are I always draw out the conversation as much as possible, asking things like "Are you looking for full time or part time?" and "Are you looking for morning or afternoon people? (I usually add the fact that my availability is open as well)" and then I conclude the call by asking them "Your name was ---, right?" It makes the phone call more personal when you say someone's name. Then I thank them and wait for a call back!
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