What options are available for contesting a medical bill?

What options are available for contesting a medical bill? Topic: Case series allergy
June 17, 2019 / By Camron
Question: I had a series of tests performed, for allergies, and I must say that I'm unhappy with the results. In truth, I doubt the validity in that the results state that I'm allergic to various things which really have no noticable affect on me when I'm around them. I've already payed some $50 in copayments and appear to have another bill headed my way that's over $300. Fortunately my health insurance picked up most of the tab, otherwise the bill would've been over $1,800. Do I have any recourse for contesting the bill, outside of court?
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Alick Alick | 9 days ago
Unfortunately no, since you don't dispute that services were received. The only valid grounds for dispute of a medical charge is usually that you didn't receive the services. Have you tried speaking with your doctors office and requesting a reduction of the balance? Some doctors offices are more than willing to work with their patients. Best of luck to you, however even in court I don't think you would have any recourse. There is no issue of medical malpractice or violations in collection law, what would be your cause of action? Because you were unhappy with the results? If that were the case I would totally have sued my doctor when he said I was allergic to chocolate. I may be wrong, it's just the way I see it.
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Tansy Tansy
You underwent the tests of your own choice, and just because you are not happy with the results does not mean that you do not have to pay for them. If you were worried about the validity then you should have researched the test or asked more questions before you agreed to have it done. I am not happy with the fact that eating chocolate makes my butt get bigger, but I still have to pay chocolate before I can eat it.
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Riley Riley
Believe it or not, if you tell them that you cannot afford to pay the bill they may reduce or eliminate the bill. If they reduce it, ask if you can make payments. They might accept as little as $10 a month. It doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck.
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