Simple chemistry help?

Simple chemistry help? Topic: Polyatomic ions formula writing and naming
July 17, 2019 / By Canan
Question: when u balance this polyatomic ion: NH4so4 u get (NH4)2SO4 can anyone xplain the paranthesis and stuf...
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Alik Alik | 10 days ago
the sulfite ion is SO4-2 and needs 2 electrons the ammonium ion is NH4 +1 and can only supply 1 electron so, two ammonium ions are needed to go with the sullfate ion to make a neutral compound two ammonium ions would be 2 of NH4 +1 this is 2 N atoms and 8 H atoms total the purpose of the ( ) is so that you really get two complete ammonium ions so the correct formula is (NH4)2SO4 without the ( ), you get the formula NH42SO4 now there is confusion as to what you have in this formula - are there really 42 H atoms in this formula? the other purpose of the ( ) is so that the formula can easily be converted to a name - using the ( ) makes it easy to identify the NH4 ion we also don't want to write N2H8SO4 for the formula, as this would make the naming of the compound difficult here is a rule for when you need ( ) in a formula that will ALWAYS work: if the ion has more than 1 symbol (capital letter) and you need more than 1 of the ion, use ( ) some people like to say that you never put 2 numbers next to each other, but that wouldn't help you get the correct formula for say barium hydroxide - Ba(OH)2
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Tanzy Tanzy
the (NH4)2 means that in order for the reaction to become equal you need to balance your polys. So4 has an oxidation # of -2. and NH4 has an oxidation # of 1. so you would times NH4 by 2. Which would give you (nh4)2
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