How do I get my friend back? Please Answer?

How do I get my friend back? Please Answer? Topic: Do my us history homework answers
July 17, 2019 / By Carbrey
Question: This girl and I met in 5th grade and texted with each other until the beginning of 7th grade. We would video chat on skype until 2:00am on weekends and texted each other during the week. We would flirt sometimes and say I miss you a lot but we never went out. We got into a fight almost a year ago about something stupid now that I think about it. But I was only 13, what could you expect? It's been a year now and we don't talk anymore, but if I wanted to talk to her I could because she's in my history class. If I do talk to her now it'll be awkward because we haven't talked or texted since last october. I've noticed my friend has been talking to her and texting her more and more lately and I'm geting jealous. Should I move on? There is another girl in my class who likes me named michelle. But I don't want to hurt my friends feelings if I date Michelle. We might not talk anymore but I still care about her..How do I get her back?
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Alix Alix | 1 day ago
Don't stress so much. Just break the ice and talk to her. Say hi and ask how she's doing or just ask about homework or something. She may just be waiting for you to say something. Don't let a fight ruin what could be a good friendship. And if you realize you still have feelings for her, see if she feels the same and go from there. Or you could just be friends and see about the other girl. But, moral of the story, talk to your friend and break the ice.
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Alix Originally Answered: How do I get my best friend back?
you need to move on because you are playing games and nobody likes that. if there is any chance of someday having a healthy close friendship with this girl, the best thing for you to do is to be honest, stable and consistent. So far, you've showed her that you cant handle the responsibilities of being a best friend by being wishy washy and indecisive and you need to listen to me and trust that sometimes it is beyond painful but backing off and giving a person time, space and respectful boundaries is critical. If you have contact with the other friend(the boy) this gives you the opportunity to show her through your contact with him that you can handle the responsibility of a best friend relationship. Do not call her, text her, email anything because if you do you are not respecting her wishes and you look like an unstable person and I know you dont want that right?You seem very sweet and I really think you have to let her fly and you'll see she will eventually realize that you are stable and with time, because time really does wonders for painful experiences, you have a shot at a friendship and thats all you should be looking for, remember with healthy uninterrupted, non-texting, non calling, non contact, time you need to prove yourself sweetheart. I hope I helped you and I know its painful and you need to find a healthy outlet for your feelings. I suggest going to a gym or for a run which releases endorphins and is a natural antidepressant. Take good care of yourself during this time for a few very good reasons. Because ultimately you need to be your own best friend to be able to have a friendship with someone else. it shows her that you have good healthy self esteem and if you have that, you're golden. Nothing better than a guy with a healthy mind, body and outlook. No worries about what she is thinking about you and what you did in the past is water under the bridge. Start right now, and get yourself heathy, and independent and if you take my advice, you will see that the world will be yours for the picking. You have your whole life in front of you so take my advice and work on you and stop worrying about what she or any body else things about what you did in the past because its not important at all. What is important is realizing when you are in a unhealthy situation and stopping, and changing. Please be well and listen to me, Good Luck!
Alix Originally Answered: How do I get my best friend back?
I think that she is saying OK so you can stop asking. there is really no other way to get her back, than what you have already done. if you apologized and it didn't work then just let go. if she was best friend material then she will understand. but you have most of the fault because she told you we can still be best friends even though she knew you liked her and you refused her offer. also she saw your friend as boyfriend material, because they didn't start as best friends. so they went out on a date probably. what did you want that they bring you along, then you would of felt like the 3rd wheel. so just let go, and forget about it. maybe shell come back around.
Alix Originally Answered: How do I get my best friend back?
Hey its okay get a grip it sounds like she just had a change of heart i mean girls do that guy keep asking and asking and it just gets annoying so we simply say okay. you guys should know by now okay means no not really and if you love her you gotta let her go sometime i recently just lost my best friend i know how it feels but sometimes you just gotta move on i have already got a new best friend that's closer then my old one so hey buddy keep your hopes up and keep an eye out you new know might find one just like her hope i helped you out :)

Tanzi Tanzi
Don't lose your friend. Just go talk to her. Offer to hang out with her. Past should never ruin the present. Your friend will definitely understand you.
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Tanzi Originally Answered: Should I turn my back on her/ or be her friend. (well thought answers only)?
KEEP UP WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR YOURSELF.. working out..enjoying school.. MAKE friends..you sound very caring and nice and ethical! KEEP UP your GOALS and don't look back. That is what you have to do..HAVE TO DO.. feel the pain, I am sorry, I know it hurts..physically.. She will be doing the same...but needs to grow..you are letting her and loving her by doing this for her and you..REALLY! If what you had was so strong..she could seriously be strong enough to be letting you go so she can grow and get all of this out of her system now..just think... YOU NEED to keep on what you are doing .. In a few weeks..hand write a little card and mail it by a post office.. real physical..something she can touch, smell, and hold on to and read again.. none of that happens any more..do it. nothing tooooo serious... but beautiful..and simply sign it.. don't pour your heart out and wear your heart on your sleeve.. just be nice..romantic..friendly..and beautiful..something she'll want to sit out.. and sign it... with you NAME only..no endearling anything..or commiting to anything with 'love'... just your name..with a capital letter! now.. you've got the strength to stay away..be a man..to her.. listen to her..which woman love... listen to her needs..and not be jealous... and then brave and confident enough to send her a beautiful card... hmmmmm.... but just your name only... she'll be wandering why it wasn't more.. and you didn't give her a clue.. well..good. now you'll have some mystery going!!!!! she likes that.. and for that matter.. YOU HAVE A LIFE GOING ON ..at this point ..right???? YES..say yes...! it is hard.. but will get better.. what if she doesn't respong to the card.. you didn't do it for a reaction..remember.. you are courting her.. Do me a favor.. at this point.. ' go watch an old movie.."pride and prejudice'...some winner like that.. that will give you an interesting perception of character ..and watch it again.. so say down the road here...in a couple months she is still doing her thing... YOU NEED to be doing important things in the community and get noticed.. by this time you 'll be noticed by other woman..also..and you' ll be pretty busy anyway... but keep it up.... If the bird loved you she'll be calling..or be in your eyesight close by.. but then don't RUSH to her.. be kind.. and keep your life going.. things will work out.. take this step right now.. KEEP WORKING OUT>> and make some FRIENDSHIP DATES with new friends..and aquaintances... NOW! Make plans for JULY 4th with someone or a group of people..get busy.. busy..busy.. you'll be the life of the party.. and dont' drink.. wow... in other words don't be partying and trying to drowned your sorrows.. build yourself up..like you are .. you are a great writer too! wow! keep it up.. I'll pray for you!
Tanzi Originally Answered: Should I turn my back on her/ or be her friend. (well thought answers only)?
Keeping contact with her right now is the worst thing you can do...she may have been over it a long time ago but obviously you aren't. She's obviously have a good old time at college, so why should you feel any need to sit and wait? No way...life is far too short. She wants to keep you around...gives you just what you need to not go away, then goes back to her college party. Sounds like she's stringing you along just so she has a crutch to fall back on. I've been in your spot before..and even though you might think to yourself that you'll never be with another and it'll never be that good, Trust me..you'll find someone better!

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