Is it a bad idea to paint watercolor on newspaper?

Is it a bad idea to paint watercolor on newspaper? Topic: Mixed media papers
June 17, 2019 / By Cari
Question: I'm making a mixed media piece of art and I was wondering, is it a bad idea to paint watercolor on newspaper? Would the newspaper shrivel up or would the ink smear or something? I've never tried it before. :/
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Allaric Allaric | 4 days ago
No -there is no problem for the kind of work you are doing, but here's a trick- you can spray the newspaper clipping with Workable Fixative first and let it dry. Then glue the piece down securely and let dry completely. After that you can paint on it and then seal it up after with some spray acrylic. You might also consider using acrylics for your paint too as this will seal the paper and help to preserve it. However for a regular watercolor painting the paper is generally worthless. It is full of acid and will deteriorate quickly. It yellows and gets brittle. The paper is not properly prepared in manufacturing for watercolor painting. What some don't understand is that you are doing a mixed media piece not a watercolor painting. Check out some work by Robert Rauschenburg!
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Oil is my choice - it is more messy and expensive than other mediums but allows for the most control because it takes a long time to dry so you can keep reworking an area. Also it has a wonderful rich depth of colour and once varnished will look fantastic. If you want to paint in oils you will need oil paints (duh) and a distilled turpentine to thin it out and wash your brush (you can also use water soluble oils which avoid this hassle and don't smell but are slightly more expensive). You will need either high quality paper and a gesso primer or some pre-stretched canvas, or try painting on primed wood - it is a cheap option and makes a great textural effect, and you can hang it as is without having to frame it which is a bonus. You will need some good quality sable brushes as well and good quality hogs hair brushes. And above all else you will definitely need an easel - this will be your biggest expense. Other than that you can improvise with old plates and jars to use to put your paint on and wash your brushes in. There are mediums like linseed oil which you might want to experiment with once you have been painting a while, you can mix them with the oils to alter the viscosity. Make sure you paint in old clothes and protect your surroundings too as oil paint is very hard to get out! I think you should experiment with acrylic and water colour too as they might suit you more and they are usually easier to begin with if you only want to dabble. Any good art shop will give you great advice. Good luck!
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Tate Tate
Yes! If you paint too much at one time, the paper will wrinkle and pucker when it dries. Your best bet would be to go get some high quality watercolor paper from your local art store.
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Rita Rita
yess! itll probably rip easily and get shriveled up. and if you do manage to paint on the newspaper with out tares then itll dry wrinkly.
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