What form of mental illness prevents young Americans from realizing flying saucers/ alien abductions are real?

What form of mental illness prevents young Americans from realizing flying saucers/ alien abductions are real? Topic: Foundation case statement
June 17, 2019 / By Carlisle
Question: Is it some form of denial mechanism, the implication of aliens really being here just too scary for them? Or is it because the aliens that are here are not acting in the manner they had hoped? I've heard so many of them say "Aliens would land in Times Square and give us all advanced technology and make our lives great! Why, they'll enlighten us to be peaceful!" Sadly, this does not seem to be the case. Or I hear them say, "Why would anybody come to this lame-o planet?" Gee, kids, spend a weekend on Neptune or Mercury, then tell me how "lame" this planet is. But my favorite line of absolute bullshirt is "They're is no evidence!" This statement is laughable, displaying only a complete ignorance of the facts.There are 50 million witnesses in America, many of which are police officers, Military personnel, airline pilots, and other professional trained observers. Their testimony is solid evidence. Not "anecdotal', a crutch the deniers lean on, but evidence, and our entire judicial system is based upon eyewitness testinony being regarded as convincing evidence. People are put on death row every day based solely on eyewitness testimony, especially when that testimony come from a police officer, so what makes him right in a court of law, but wrong whenever the issue is a flying saucer? Because you know they don't exist lol? Because FOX news says they don't exist? Over 1,500 U.S. military personnel are now on record detailing their military experience dealing with aliens. They are involved with the Disclosure Project. Apart from eyewitnesses, there are tens of thousands of photos and videos of these craft, some unconvincing, others moreso, like it or not, they are mountains of evidence, photos dating from the 1910s till today, many of which have been verified by expert and former government photo analysts. Many of these sightings videoed by multiple witness unknown to each other from different vantage points. There are over 3,000 PHYSICAL TRACE cases investigated, where the sighting/abduction left physical evidence behind: such as radiation, radiation burns, luminous chemical liquids and foams, rare heavy-metal isotopes left in vegetation or soil, abductees with symbols and markings and implants that have been removed, cattle with lasered cauterized wounds. Not to mention the fact that many countries have already come forward and stated that they have had military enconters with extraterrestrials, and they have released the documents to the public. France, England, China, Turkey, Brazil. The Canadian defense minister said "flying saucers and aliens are as real as the airplanes over your head." And in Japan, the Japanese Defense Minister states that UFOs are alien ships, highly advanced. He is demanding that the Japanese parliament prepare a defense strategy against alien attack. Don't believe me? Google it, sheeple. But what do they know, right? Lol You know better, because you play Wii all day, right, guitar hero?
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Allaster Allaster | 6 days ago
Americans all believe it's not real because, it is still covered up and blocked from all US web sites and media still in 2009. Also this is being called untrue conspiracy like many things in the United States. By using stereotypical men who fit the profile what Americans would think sceptics look like, bald, suited with a slight German/English accent and US based religious belief techniques, to keep all Americans asking questions. When people openly tell the American public things, like you have, that US religious foundations and US government doesn't want the American public to know. Through any form of net, television or newspaper media being highly monitored by US religious organisation and government filters. Which costs American tax payers billions of dollars each year for Americans to remain unacknowledged about the other world people and many things. Because it will totally destroy their whole bias religious belief foundation system and multi trillion dollar money making bias opinionated religious industry. So you never tell them, because they wont believe it.
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Tawnee Tawnee
I would have to take the opposite stand. All this "evidence" you speak of is total crap. Anyone with half a brain can look at these photos and videos and tell they're either frauds or something very conventional. As for testimony of "victims" it is usually found these people have histories of schizophrenia or some other mental/emotional illness. The only thing "debunkers" are clutching at is FACTS.
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Robbie Robbie
You mean sanity? I know, there should be a cure for that life-disrupting illness. Sanity is evil!!! It must be stopped. Hold on my shoe is talking to me, I must answer back in Klingon or it will hide my tin-foil hat. Call Area 51, the alien socks are attacking my dog.
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Misty Misty
i'm not reading all of that lol until i actually see any of those things w/ my own two eyes i don't believe it =P
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