Is it bad to be "To Strong" for everyday life?

Is it bad to be "To Strong" for everyday life? Topic: Qigong research articles
June 17, 2019 / By Carmi
Question: Like in the sense as your Ch'i, Qi, Ki or w/e you want to call it that radiates off you strongly? Martial arts yes Taoism, buhdism, ect no i dont practice, Read a couple book's though on the way like Te Ching, ect I see, I heard this story before about Miyamoto Musashi. problem is you can be out of tune with the area you're in if you hate the area you're in. Thats why I find myself out of tune in some of the area's I go
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Alleric Alleric | 9 days ago
It's a difficult subject to explain in short, but the answer to having strong flowing qi? No it's not a bad thing. You want to become a veritable factory. What's bad is to be too yin or too yang. Do you practice? edit- If you're really interested then I suggest doing some extensive research into the Qigong societies, and make sure that you find a qualified instructor to explain it to you (in person) for easy understanding. If you don't fully understand what you're doing and why you're doing it you could really hurt yourself. edit- I would look into any of the related articles by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
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Tayler Tayler
If you believe in radiating Ki then there was a story, I believe it was about Miomoto Musashi, that might interest you. It is about "belonging" or being "at one" with your surroundings. To paraphrase it goes something like this. Musashi was meditating with a monk at a temple. A poisonous snake came through the clearing where they were meditating. The snake crawled over the monk's lap and did not strike him or even appear to notice him. However when the snake approached Musashi, it reared its head and hissed as if it would attack, then after a moment it fled back into the trees. Musashi asked the monk how it could be that the snake reacted to Musashi but not to the monk. The monk answered that the snake could sense that Musashi projected powerful Ki that was not attuned with his surroundings and was out of place in the serene forest, while the monk's Ki was at home and one with the forest and the snake would not know him to be different from the trees and bushes that surrounded him. Yes, you can be noticed as "too strong" for your surroundings. People may get a "bad vibe" or otherwise feel uncomfortable around you if you are not attuned to your surroundings.
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Robina Robina
It depends on what you mean by strong. If you mean radiating confidence and openness and warmth of spirit than yes of course it is a great thing. I try to do this and am only successful about half the time. Positive Chi will radiate this. It is important to be comfortable with what you are and feel competent. Along with meditating on positive things and working on our good health, it is important to do for others. This helps us to balance our lives. This will help you be strong from the inside out.
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Moira Moira
no it's not bad don't tell that to ur self it depends on you to be strong is not bad tell that to ur self.it make a relef to ur self
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