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June 17, 2019 / By Carrol
Question: I'm taking an online course this summer at a local community college. We get the assignments on Mondays and they are due the following Monday by midnight. Everything is suppose to be online and nothing I read said anything about mailing or hand delivering assignments. Well, this week's assignment was suppose to be mailed or hand delievered by tonight. I work full-time and had stressful week at work. So, I just sat down to do the assignments (which are relatively easy) and saw this. I'm pissed!! I could hand deliver the information, but there is no chance the college is open (summer hours). Plus the school is a 45 min car ride away. Do I have a right to be upset and feel this isn't right? I signed for any online course because it was easier than commuting to the school. These are classes towards my master's degree and I don't want to **** them up. I guess we have to have diagrams and label things. But, still, I'm pissed. At least make a note of it in the course outline or email the details. You know. Even if I glanced at the assignment, the due date and postmark was at the very bottom.
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Allgar Allgar | 1 day ago
Quick send an email to the professor or call his or her office and let her know you just realized this was not an online assignment. Offer to fax it in to prove you have it done, or email the parts that are email-able. Then, calmly, explain that you work full time, live 45 minutes from campus, and that you specifically chose on-line education because of the flexibility and convenience. Ask if you can scan documents and email them in, or if you can create your own version using a common program such as Word or Excel. You deserve to be annoyed, I would be to. But try to be part of the solution so it is clear you aren't just trying to get an extension. (Or maybe you could just ask for one, some professors really don't care!) Good luck, and try to stay calm even though you were wronged. -Holly
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Allgar Originally Answered: Is this fair?
Actually that's not sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has to take place in a working environment and meet certain criteria. What happened to you friend was actually assault. Some states would define it as sexual assault, but not all of them. What your friend should have done is tell the person to stop. That sounds dumb, but when they take it to the police, which they should, the fact that he said to stop proves that he wasn't playing around, and it proves that the other kid knew he shouldn't be doing that. Then go to the police and have criminal charges filed. It's a sad but true fact that schools cannot control bullies and their behavior, so going to the police is a better step than going to a teacher. Any time someone touches you in a hostile or unwelcome way it is a violation of the law, so forget about the stupid teachers who don't know who to blame anyway, and go to the cops.

Teal Teal
I'd be upset too. Especially since it is an ONLINE class. All the online classes I've ever done everything was done via the website or emailed to the teacher(s). I would bring that issue up with the teacher for one and let him/her know your thoughts about all of this. But I think you do have the right to be upset because otherwise taking part in an online class is kind of misleading if you have to mail the assignment in. Plus you can't always count on the mail system to get things somewhere in a timely manner.
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Rona Rona
You should not have waited until the last minute. You need to find a 24 hour post office and mail them by tonight. Otherwise I am sure the school has security and they could take the assignments and deliver them for you.
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Mollie Mollie
I would go and talk to the instructor/professor that is teaching the course online. If they dont want to help you, I would go and see the dean of the college and complain to them. Tell them that you feel it is unfair, and give him a letter stating your grivences in writing. Good luck!
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Mollie Originally Answered: Do u think this is fair?
**** that dumb ***! Write a bad *** paper turn it in! THEN TELL HIM TO READ IT AND SHOVE IT UP HIS ***! Kick his *** in the class room. Study and Ace that class then at the end of it tell him "and what the ****"!

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