Why doesn't American Idol promote more contemporary music?

Why doesn't American Idol promote more contemporary music? Topic: How to write a disney song
June 17, 2019 / By Cassidy
Question: I have to admit, this season I have become an American Idol junkie. David Cook made it worth watching because his voice is something different from the cookie-cutter Disney movie voices. Anyway, I don't understand why they (the producers I guess?) choose theme weeks that all require the contestants to sing outdated music that most of the viewers are probably not even familiar with? For example, Neil Diamond! And then they had the one with the dude who writes the musicals (I can't remember his name). The rest of the time, it's 80's and early 90's easy listening crap too. If I hate this music, how do people even younger than me feel? Probably half the viewers don't even know who Neil Diamond is (and why should they...) It's so refreshing when they actually get to sing something recent (as in, the last 10 years). Who has a theory on why they choose that type of music? Hero - I actually agree that most of the music that's recent is unoriginal and not that great. I guess I should clarify that by contemporary I mean something that has been released within, I don't know, the last decade! Does anyone remember the 'Rock Star' shows with INXS and Supernova (with Tommy Lee)? I wish that AI would be a little bit more like that :) I don't require all rock music, but a little Nirvana, Live or Oasis now and then would be nice. Gia - good points. I hadn't thought about those reasons, and it makes sense. I guess it's one of those questions I didn't put much deep thought into... and sorry if I offended, but I hate musicals, and am not a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber (although I realize he is very talented). Wow, I didn't know people were so touchy about SIR Andrew Lloyd Webber. Actually, it isn't 'sir' to me - I have no personal reason to treat him in any way other than a person I pass on the street. I save my ultimate respect for humanitarians and such, not people who write musicals. I'm sorry if that offends people. It's my opinion and I'm allowed to have one!
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Allyn Allyn | 9 days ago
They choose music from the past decades and such to show the range of the singer's voices instead of hearing the same thing stuff that is currently out on the air waves. They also do it to see if the singer can make it more their own song and modernize it a bit, versus just doing a cheap karaoke version of the older song. I think it is good in a way to pick songs that not many people have heard of because the contestant won't be constantly compared to the original singer like they always do when someone picks a Whitney or Mariah song.. If they singer is good, then viewers won't worry about never hearing the song before and just focus on how well the singer/contestant sounded. Oh and the guy who writes the musicals is Andrew Lloyd Webber..a musical genius.
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OMG you're filipino? I'm HALF filipino! lol :) :) - but I live in America. Haha! Anyway, it hasn't come on yet, but it will tonight @ 9 over here. I'm rooting for David Archuleta. David Archuleta is AH-MAZING and did you see his performance last night?!? He won all 3 rounds! No doubt that he'll lose tonight. I mean, I could go on FOREVER about how great he is, but there's just not enough time to fit it all in. I know about all the "stuff" that his dad did, but don't punish little Archie for that! What did HE do?!? Anyway, he DESERVES to win. I luv David Cook too, but his BROTHER wanted to do this - not him. He just somehow got in and his brother didn't. David Cook auditioned "by accident." I just don't think that it'll be fair if David Cook wins. I mean, I know that most people believe that American Idol is about finding "unknown talent" to become a star, but not in this case where you have 2 people left fighting for the spot of fame! Put it this way. It's like 2 people taking a test. If one studies hard the night before and the other one just obviously doesn't care, it wouldn't be very fair if the one who didn't care got a perfect score of 100 and the one who studied hard got a lower grade. So guys, if you agree with me, then do America a favor and vote for David James Archuleta! For him and for me! ♥ ◘
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Teri Teri
A lot of the time they haven't got permission from the artist or the record label to do current music. Remember Kelly Clarkson wouldn't let them use any of her songs until like a year ago? And that it was a big deal that they "released" the Beatles catalogue? They can't just choose a current song and sing it, there are copyrights and "do's and don'ts" when it comes to covering another artists music. And by the way, that "dude who writes the musicals" is Andrew Lloyd Webber - that's SIR Andrew Lloyd Webber to you - and he happens to have three Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, an Oscar, an International Emmy, six Olivier Awards and a Golden Globe. I'm not a huge musicals fan - don't get me wrong - but he is a highly respected composer and musician and they were lucky to have him on the show giving his expertise and advice to the contestants.
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Rosa Rosa
If you want as many viewers as possible, you have to get the whole family in front of the set. Parents and grandparents won't spent time listening to today's crap. And if you only attract teenagers, you lose out on the biggest block with the money to buy the advertisers' products.
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