Is it considered evil to write fiction books on the supernatural?

Is it considered evil to write fiction books on the supernatural? Topic: Quotes about writing a book
July 17, 2019 / By Catigern
Question: i'm Pentecostal and my mom wants me to write christian books, i once said i wanted to write horror such as goosebumps or steven king. my mom got upset with that proposition and had a semi-long talk with me-- it seemed long to me. i do want to instill religion in my books, with a sense of supernatural. the book is about a psychic teen,Ryan, who struggles with seeing ghosts, his best friend is a vampire hunter who he is connected to on a telepathic level-- possessed by a demon. Ryan is atheist, since he couldn't seek god with his powers and later on realizes that there is a nonexistent being, called god in the end. another is a girl ,DD,who has evolutionary powers, who people may see as god. at first she doesn't want to be called that, but gives in and becomes an emotionless anti-christ. the religious aspect isn't te main plot but there are many types of belief in my book because i want to portray the world's diversities. i fear that if i write books like this i wiil be discommunicated by the church, and shunned by my family. i do bring my notebook to work on it between services, though. they said in the bible that you musn't think evil thoughts. Would it be evil to write it down? if you have any quotes from the bible, please use them
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Allysdair Allysdair | 10 days ago
Well - The Bible does not directly address writing fiction, though there are passages about keeping your thoughts on godly things. As a Christian, I think that you should be careful not to belittle Christianity and to not aggrandize non-Judeo-Christian beliefs. In other words, if you make evil seem powerful, it should be clearly evil. If you have "good" people rely on supernatural forces other than those from God, they should fail or be shown as employing immoral means to achieve good ends In other words, the *plot* of the story should agree with your Christian beliefs, even if lots of the characters do *not* agree with your Christian beliefs. Jim, http://www.life-after-harry-potter.com.
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Allysdair Originally Answered: Fiction books about the victorian era?
I have three main suggestions. My suggestions don't contain the fantasy type of things that the Gemma Doyle trilogy has, but they are still fiction. The suggestions I am going to give you are historical fiction and take place in about the Victorian Era: -Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery (it has eight books overall, the first one being Anne of Green Gables). This series takes place in the early 1900s, and is about a hot-headed, stubborn orphan girl who finds a way of fitting into the little town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island (Canada). As the series progresses, the main character (Anne) grows up, marries, etc...I really enjoyed the Victorian-ish setting of these, and I also really enjoy watching the movies/mini-series based on these. -Any of the books by Jane Austen, such as Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, etc...Most of her books are about women of the 1800s and their attempts at fitting into society and finding romance/love, if you didn't already know. -Little Women by Louisa May Alcott - This is about four sisters in the 1860s, and it portrays how the sisters grow up, find romance/love, etc... Sorry if those don't contain the fantasy that the Gemma Doyle trilogy contains, but those are all great reads that take place near or in the Victorian Era. I escpecially suggest you read the Anne of Green Gables series, because it also starts out with a young girl arriving somewhere new (after she is adopted) and then her relationship with the friends that she makes, just as in the Gemma Doyle series. Best wishes!

Terra Terra
Why don't you write a book about a ghost that runs the universe and kills loads of people , floods the lands and claims to love the people who fear him. Later on to enforce the message he gets a virgin pregnant and comes to life. After the people kill him , he returns and says, worship me or when the universe ends you will all be toutured. Then you can do both :) Listen kid, live your dream, if you want to write goosebump style books then do it. God didn't give us language so we would be afraid of expressing ourselves and so we could not use it to entertain others. Language is a very special gift, if you can learn enough words so that you don't repeat yourself then that would also help. You can do that too, it's not difficult if you like reading :) If you enjoy it then good luck with it, all the best
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Rosabel Rosabel
Your ideas are original and interesting. Writing fiction to entertain is not a sin. Be sure to have a moral problem solved in an appropriate manor and you get being good points.
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Montana Montana
Why should you care what anyone thinks. you should only write what you feel like writing, if you write something you don't want to it'll seem awkward and inactive because of you artistic finger prints. I love the stuff Steven king writes, your ideas seem inspired.
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Lisbeth Lisbeth
Encourage your creativity, i'm sure God wouldn't have given us imaginations if he didn't want us to use them- i'm so adamant that you should do this and that it isn't remotely evil that i won't make any sarcastic comments, pleeeassseee don't let religion ruin something you're interested in doing- religion is meant to be a good thing right? :)
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Karen Karen
Honestly I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I also don't think it's evil, you should write it. btw, Thanx 4 ur answer to my question!
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Karen Originally Answered: Is the devil evil or is religion evil?
You definitely have deep thoughts about the sinful nature of mankind. I am ever so grateful for the Bible to teach me not to think of the devil as the 'bad' guy. The underlying reason for our sin is not in criminal or illegal activities but in opposing the way of G-d. That's why a more accurate term the Bible uses to describe Lucifer is the Adversary. Lucifer and his angels have their way of opposing G-d, partly through misleading humans. Fallen men and women have their way of opposing G-d, that is slightly lower than Lucifer and his angels because humans are 'a little less than angels'. Nevertheless, both opposing ways are sinful to G-d.

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