Any suggestions on Micro ATX motherboard that can support soundcard?

Any suggestions on Micro ATX motherboard that can support soundcard? Topic: Micro atx case smallest
June 17, 2019 / By Cecil
Question: I am buiilding a pc, but want it to be small so i can go uni with it, while also allowing it to sit nicely near my gaming consoles, The form factor i want to use is micro ATX, and im going to use a GTX 780 with an i7 4770k. Also a Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Recon 3D Sound card is what i would like in this build. but is the sound card plausible in micro ATX ?, is there a slot for it in such a build ? from the answers, i am guessing that the main problem for me now is finding case that fits both cards :)
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Best Answers: Any suggestions on Micro ATX motherboard that can support soundcard?

Allysdare Allysdare | 1 day ago
Any LGA1150 mobo can support a soundcard, in your case a Z87 mobo is a must get since your cpu is a 4770k (unlocked multiplier).
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Allysdare Originally Answered: Motherboard help pls?
Most of the time, such issue is not with the processor but on the voltage regulator circuit on motherboard that supplies the processor. The short could be there or that circuit could be grounded to case (underneath). You could test by powering your motherboard while dismounted from PC case. Also check the cooler's fins to make sure they are not touching anything on the voltage regulator circuit.
Allysdare Originally Answered: Motherboard help pls?
are you sure your sticking the right 4 pin cable in there some psu's have 2 4 pin cables one for the one next to cpu and the other as an add on to the 20 pin power cable to make it 24 pin

Terri Terri
As the mATX form factor has more than 1 PCIe slot, most motherboards will be able to take a GPU + a sound card. You would want ideally your GPU running at 16x or 8x and the soundcard in any other slot.
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Rosaleen Rosaleen
Most if not all micro ATX motherboard that is Haswell can use it.As long as the motherboard have more than 1 PCIe ports regardless of 1x,2x,4x,8x or 16x it will work.
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Rosaleen Originally Answered: How good is this motherboard?
yea its a decent motherboard but. for the same price you could find a slightly better motherboard. I like the layout of that motherboards pci slots and audio card slots. but still i would try going on www.newegg.com try to find a biostar motherboard PCI-E 1.6 x 3.0 32 max ram 1600 speed make sure you get the socket that match's the cpu socket make sure you get either atx or micro-atx depending on the size of your computer case make sure you find one with that video card slot and audio card slot spaced out.... most come very close for the slim vid cards... and like... its a waste... so ya... not a bad motherboard but totally could find a better one. performance wise..

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