White People: How do you really feel about Black People and their ethnic/natural looking hairstyles?

White People: How do you really feel about Black People and their ethnic/natural looking hairstyles? Topic: Same personal statement for different schools around the world
June 24, 2019 / By Cenric
Question: Like do you think braids (micro or very small braids, cornrows, etc) are ugly?? What about fro?? What about [dread]locks? I call them locs, saying dread is an insult to me. I am just curious. When I wear my fro out, or braids, it is always white people who compliment me and they really seem genuine. @Squeezle: I wasn't even going to comment on your answer. I do appreciate your honesty and what you had to contribute, but, your statement is ignorant. You are putting all Black Americans in a category. I have been attacked by adult whites, they threw cookies on me as a child, called me the N-word, was outright mean to me, as a child mind you, and still I know for a fact not all whites are like that. Black people are a lot of things, but first and foremost, like all humans, we are individuals. Also, everybody likes Africans and foreigners, they tend to be quiet and very receptive, very giving and unthreatning (if that's a word). People like people they feel are not a threat to them based on the way that person carried themselves. I understand and respect this, however, I fear it is your thinking that is problematic. You can't say all blacks are the same and expect someone to respect the rest of your comment, even though you did have a good comment that taught me something.
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Allyster Allyster | 3 days ago
1. I have been around the world and I have yet to meet a Non-American-Black person that I didn't like... I know that there are blacks in the world I may dislike for personal reasons, but I have never met one that wasn't sweet, soft spoken, polite, and educated. 2. I dislike Black Americans for their culture and the way that it tends to transform people in to people I do not wish to associate with. I've met Africans in the US and I loved them... But Black Americans (Born in the US) tend to have an attitude that simply turns me off... It isn't their skin color... It isn't their hair... It isn't their ancestry... It is their ATTITUDE! 3. I really like a majority of "Black" hairstyles. I have done my own hair in "Cornrows" and other "Black" hairstyles because my hair is VERY VERY curly and frizzy so I can usually do a pretty decent job of replicating "Black" hairstyles and I have been using hair creams etc. for 'black hair' for years because they are the only products that help keep my hair under control. It took me a VERY long time to understand that a majority of black chick's hair styles are 'weaves', wigs, or hair extensions... The higher end styles are almost indistinguishable from naturally grown hair. I grew up in Arizona and most black chicks I knew kept their hair short and natural. *** Pretty hair is pretty hair... The race of the person or the culture of the person has nothing to do with someone that just looks GOOD. *** As an American chick, nothing is really seen as being from "A different culture" because where I live, there is such a blend of cultures, values, and styles form around the world that it all just looks "normal" to me. A white chick or an Asian chick with a "Black Style" is as normal as seeing a black chick with a "Black Style". I have seen some REALLY strange hairstyles on black chicks... I've seen some VERY VERY elaborate styles that have some form of adhesive or enamel on them to keep them from moving... I went on a school trip where we met up with schools from around the country and there were some chicks there from Washington D.C. that had hair that was, literally, hard to the touch and you could practically knock on it like a plastic helmet. The hair style, from a distance, was very very nice... But when you got up close and saw the layers of spray enamel on them, it lost its appeal quickly. But anyways... If you think you look good, that is all that matters... If other people compliment you then be happy! If someone else doesn't like it, that is their opinion and should have no bearing on if YOU like it or not.
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Allyster Originally Answered: Why do people still say Egypt was black?
through the nile river egyptians morphed from black Nubian in the south to middle eastern look up to the north. i mean they were not totally white, nor totally black. but the majority were considered white. a good evidence is the statue of an egyptian man setting with his wife. usually the egyptian man used to look darker of the woman, because of the effect of the sun-tan he gained through his day work outside the house also there are illustrations about Nubians of the nile and of Ethiopia where they were colored in a more darker brown hue (what call as black). from this it is clear that egyptians were not black. also the iconic paintings in Coptic churchs illustrate egyptians as white people not black (white as middle eastern not european look) however there is afamous statue of Tuts mother where she appear to be black, and also Tuts lips on the mask makes him look black the main clear point is that the Anciant Egyptian civilization is the Egyptian civilization NOT anyone else. afterall i find these kind of ideas are not research based and just an effect of western media talk and Hollywood movies effect too. and most researches that claim an opposite positions are strongly biased. and i find it some kind of jealously cultural racism

Terry Terry
I don't personally know a lot of black people, but I meet them at work all the time (I work in a hotel). My concept of beauty is about expressing your true self and being as natural as possible, so I see black women with natural hairstyles as the essence of their beautiful selves. I like dread locks and braids too, because they are just plain pretty. I would love to be half so beautiful. My belief is that every person is beautiful in their own way, including black people no matter what hair style.
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Rosalina Rosalina
She does not appear virtually being white so wtf are you speakme approximately. She is simply mild skinned that is average amongst blacks. African American females are available all dermis varieties so I do not think not anything approximately Beyonce's dermis color. Sure, bleaching dermis is incorrect however in relation to hair patterns and such, I for my part do not care. Why the hell could Beyonce wish to be any one else, you spot others that wanna be Beyonce rather. You're a hater.
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Morgan Morgan
i think dreads look unclean and matted. on anyone, not just blacks. afro's suit some people, but mainly sadly mainly pop stars or rappers otherwise they look like untaim hair that the person can't be botherd to style. braid are nice, of any size if they're just the odd few or like 50% but whole heads of braids look unclean also theres always exceptions though, some people are just lucky and can pull off any style
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Livia Livia
I like all of the styles. but I loved playing with my uncles natural hair. it was so soft and fuzzy :) hes from Jamaica and never braided it but kept it shorter.
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Livia Originally Answered: A question for black people?
The original Egyptians were Ethiopians. Read the works of Strabo, Diodorus Siculus, Aristotle and numerous other Greek philosophers and Historians. They all said that the original people of Egypt were and Ethiopic people. Even after Egypt became a melting pot they noted who the original inhabitants were. That's the problem, Americans don't like to read. West African/blacks aren't descended from them. We don't think that we are. But Ethiopians are black now and were blacker back then and get offended when you tell them anything else. The intellectual, cultural and historical war that Europeans have waged is on blackness proper, NOT west African or east African-ness. After the Osmanic, Greek, Roman, Islamic and numerous other conquests the populations began to look different. Edit: @ Derby, Ironically enough European countries during the 16th and 17th used to consume Egyptian mummies for medicinal properties. So at least we only eat our own : ) Edit: You would have to look into the history yourself. This forum isn't the right venue to get into that. Long story short, outsiders intermarried with the population, mixed and took over. The original people kept moving the capital such to the point that there were numerous Pharaoh's at the same time in different places. After a certain amount of mixing, the mixed people became known as the Egyptians and identified with their parents of the outsider stock. Another issue was that new conquerers were considered Egyptian as well if they assimilated. They favored a strong NATIONAL identity, not a ratial or ethnic one which led to them mixing themselves out of existence. Like I said look at Greek classics and what the people who lived at that time said. Even the Bible says they are black. At least the ones that haven't been heavily edited. That's very simplistic though. . . Edit: If you really wanted to know you would prove it to yourself. You're another one of those people that would ignore anything I give you as not substantial enough, despite all sources being your own people. I personally couldn't care less. Egypt has no bearing on today.. . . Believe what you want. . . .

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