Another baby needs question for my shopping trip?

Another baby needs question for my shopping trip? Topic: Bib works
June 24, 2019 / By Chad
Question: Hi again. I'm going shopping in the USA (South Florida) for my first baby (a boy) in a couple of weeks and am working on a budget. I've had good responses to all my questions thus far but here's another one for you experienced parents out there: How many of the following items should I buy? * Bibs * Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months) * Burp cloths * Changing pads * Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) * Cotton hats * Lap pads * Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months * Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months * Receiving blankets * Scratch mittens * Socks * Soft shoes * Towels * Wash rags Also, how many diapers (cloth or disposable) and how many wipes will he go through in a day? I should have said that I'm travelling from the Caribbean for this shopping trip. I'm not sure there's going to be a baby shower and in any event, I like to be prepared way in advance for everything.
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Alonzo Alonzo | 4 days ago
Every baby is different but I will let you know how mine is. It depends a lot on how busy you are and how often you plan on doing things (like laundry or washing the baby, etc) *Bibs- I didn’t use any since she’s breastfed she was good about little spit up so all I did was put a shirt on that was a little bit bigger than the size she was in, this kept the cost down plus I have a shirt I can use when she’s bigger. * Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months) - I would buy around 9 (at least that’s what I have). * Burp cloths – I actually use the cloth diapers * Changing pads- I have only one, and two covers (one for use, one in the wash) * Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) - You tend to change diapers more with cloth, depends on how good you are with doing laundry and how big of a wetter he is. I would say buy 3-4 packages (they usually come in packages of 6) •Cotton hats - When are you due? I would say about 5, but some outfits will come with hats. * Lap pads - use the cloth diapers * Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months - this is all personal preference plus how much of a mess he makes, I would say 10 should be good. * Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months -- same as above * Receiving blankets - I love my receiving blankets, but I use a lot of them for cover ups when I am breastfeeding. I would say 5-10, you can also use them for burp cloths or lap pads as well. Plus if your baby is colic or just likes to be swaddled they are wonderful for that. * Scratch mittens – I had a pair but they didn’t work out well. One of my friends just put socks over her baby’s hands and that worked well for her. * Socks --- my baby socks are always gobbled up by the gremlins in the wash, so I would say a couple dozen (although my baby had big feet, so stay away from small ones we never fit into 0-3 month old and she was only 7 lbs at birth) * Soft shoes – not needed and if you want some, they sometimes come with outfits, although I have one pair of white ones. * Towels --- I actually only have 3 and that seems to work out well for me, but I do laundry quite often * Wash rags – a few more than towels depending on how much you do laundry Also, how many diapers (cloth or disposable) and how many wipes will he go through in a day? Breastfed babies have less bowel movements, so you will go through less. Cloth you have to change more because they aren’t as absorbant. I would say 7-10 disposables and 15-20 cloth per day. Wipes, I’m still on my first really big box bought from a discount store. So it’s hard to say I never really noticed. Best of luck! Happy Shopping!
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Alonzo Originally Answered: Im going Baby Shopping What should I buy?
Feeding: Bottles (we did best with Playtex Ventaire) formula bibs bottle brushes for cleaning Mylicon (or gas drops) for gassy tummy- this is a MUST! Sleeping: Bassinet bassinet sheet(s) matress cover (in case your little one leaks) :) maybe a mobile for the bassinet- we really liked the Symphony in Motion mobile Healthcare: nail clippers or nail file baby shampoo bath tub diaper rash cream diapers baby powder baby lotion- FYI- your child's skin will peel during the first few weeks no matter what you do, so if you want to get it over quickly, there's no need to use lotion which just prolongs the process thermometer- Braun has one you put in the child's ear & it only takes about 10 seconds- this may not work as well when your child gets older & can squirm enough to get away, but it should do the trick for now nasal bulb (I'm not sure what the real name is, but we always called it the "booger-sucker") :) Vaseline- depending on whether you have your son circumcised & the manner in which it is performed General: LOTS of blankets- you'll probably go through several a day- use them to swaddle the baby, as burp cloths, or whatever. socks a hat if you feel compelled- my son always hated his you don't have to worry too much about clothes- your little one will spend most of his time sleeping, so usually a blanket will be fine. If you're nervous about dressing such a delicate little munchkin (and I was), there are newborn shirts on the market that button up the front with little snaps so that you don't have to pull the shirt over the child's head Whatever you do, don't buy loads of clothes, you'll be amazed how quickly your son will outgrow them Travel: diaper bag stroller car seat A final thought for you- I know lots of people will recommend reading What to Expect... or a Parent's Guide to whatever- I read all the books I could find & they pretty much drove me nuts! Find a pediatrician you like (don't be afraid to switch as needed) and use the nurse's number as often as you need- that is what they are there for! Also, remember that no question is stupid when it comes to the health of your child and your own peace of mind. I'm sure I'm probably forgetting stuff, but this should get you started. Congrats & good luck to you & your little one

Tess Tess
First of all - congratulations! Second - wait untill baby shower then decide what to buy ( if you cannot wait - try to take " sneek-peek" at the gifts- be honest with person who organizes it that you are going shopping and you want to know what you are getting so you can get the needy but missing things). See what your friends and family can do with hand-me-downs. Quite often you will get enough to last first few months and all you really need to buy is a few things, so save your money for diapers - you will need a lot! * Bibs - not untill you start introducing solids ( can wait another few months) * Bottles - get few just in case ( you may use them to store excess milk or need them for feeding if your son refuses to breastfeed / you could not for any reason: sore and cracked nipples, too painfull) * Burp cloths - use receiving blankets or hand towels; why waste money * Changing pads - 2 reusable should be enough * Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) - newborns may need 10 or so changes during first few months so up to your discretion and speed of your washing machine. * Cotton hats - 3/4 then upgrade for bigger * Lap pads - use soft, cozy towels * Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months - 5/7 * Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months - don't look at the tags - see how big is(will be) your boy and go by that. My daughter is 9 months and wears clothing between 3-6 months and 18 months! one church/ better outing outfit is fine - he will outgrow it in no time!, casual - 4 that you can mix and match * Receiving blankets - 7 ( can be doubled up as burp cloth, lap pad, blankie on the "non-baby" surface) * Scratch mittens - use baby socks, work the same * Socks - about 5 - even if some get lost - they would be probably too small after 2-3 months * Soft shoes - not really needed in summer, socks will do * Towels - assorted 5 ( for beginnig try those hooded ones - work great!) * Wash rags - 5 * Wipes - non-messy diapers may need 1, messy - use your immagination and experience! to save some money - use plain soft face cloth to clean after pee-pee diaper adn disposable ones for big messes. Smart buys: nipple cream (Lansinoh), DIAPERS, DIAPERS, DIAPERS, Good luck and enjoy motherhood!
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Rosalind Rosalind
* Bibs 10 little ones, my baby leaked milk out of her mouth while breastfeeding. The litte terry cloth ones are best. * Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months) a six pack of the larger bottles, and get the NB nipples separate. * Burp cloths All burp clothes are is pretty cloth diapers. So you can buy a package of the old fashion pre-folds * Changing pads- 2 * Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) About 8-10 diapers a day, so it depends on how often you plan on doing wash. * Cotton hats 3 they don't wear or fit in these long * Lap pads We never used these * Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months For 0-3 month about 6 since this is what he will be in all the time. My daughter was a March baby in the North and wore feety jammies all the time. * Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months For 0-3 months 4, again they out grow these quickly. You might want to consider getting a couple of Newborn sized ones since the 0-3 month stuff looks huge on a Newborn * Receiving blankets I had 7 and still ran out of clean ones sometimes * Scratch mittens Buy the onesies with the fold over sleeves. The mittens don't stay on. And get a pair of baby nail clippers. * Socks 10 pairs, and remove them before changing a poopy diaper. My daughter would always get poo on them. Buy a mesh zippered lingerie bag to wash them in, because they are so small that they can get sucked into your washer's pump and break it. * Soft shoes We just used booties and cute sock. Soft shoes are really necessary. So as many as you want. * Towels 2-3 hooded towels * Wash rags A six pack or gerber wash clothes We went through about 8-10 diapers a day the first few weeks, probably 6-8 a day for the first year. And about 2 tubs of wipes. Other things, a good electric breast pump. And a can of soy formula just in case. Good Luck and enjoy you little one.
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Morgana Morgana
There are several things on here you do not need right away - like bibs. Bottles, I wouldn't use them at all (esp the first 6 weeks) if you're breastfeeding. Buy 2 and put them away until you need them. Using a bottle while baby is learning to breastfeed causes nipple confusion sometimes and he could refuse to nurse. Bottles are easier for babies and breastfeeding takes more effort... Burp cloths - 6-10 (I used regular cloth diapers - they work great!) Changing Pads - 2 or 3 Cloth Diapers (Check into a diaper service in your area - I've used one and I've washed my own, expensewise, it's about the same) Otherwise - buy enough to get through 2-3 days (24-30) plus 6-10 diaper covers. 2 cotton hats Onesies - you need 6-10 in 0-3 (he will outgrow these the fastest), about 10 in 3-6 and 10 in 6-9 Figure 2-3 outfits per day plus pajamas. How often are you going to do laundry? I would have no less than 3 sets of pjs (footie/sleeper kind). Buy only up to size 6 mos now. You can get more later as he gets bigger! Newborn to 3 mos is the shortest phase! Receiving Blankets - at least 5 (and go for natural fabrics and bigger sizes - little ones won't last long) Socks - at least 10 pair Mittens - 1-2 pair Shoes - 1-3 pair Towels with hoods - 2-3 Wash Clothes - 5 (you will use wipes for everything minor!) Diapers for breastfed babies can be up to 15 a day. Mine went through about 10-12 I would say. Wipes - usually 1-3 per changing. If he's wet, 1 is fine, if more - it just depends! I hope I could help! Best Wishes!
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Livvy Livvy
Bibs - for when you start actually feeding the baby, you'll be AMAZED how many you go through ... so honestly ... you can't have too many. I had 35 bibs given to me during my pregnancy and i thought it was ridiculous ... but now that I'm feeding baby foods ... I'm grateful I had them all!!! * Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months) - although you plan to breastfeed, remember it's YOUR plan. Sometimes baby won't take to it, sometimes it's just too hard, or sometimes neither you or the baby will have a choice (as was in my case because my daughter was born too small and NEEDED to eat ASAP and couldn't wait to learn to latch) and you'll HAVE to supplement with a bottle. I say 6 bottles would be good. Also, you might want to consider buying opaque bottles or glass. Regular plastic bottles release a chemical called bisphenol-A into the formula when heated in a bottle warmer or washed with hot water that may cause retardation. * Burp cloths ... again, you can't have too many. If you plan on washing laundry every week, I'd say instead of burp cloths, buy TONS of receiving blankets. Some to wrap baby boy in, and some to place under his neck for spit ups ... there's more area on receiving blankets and you can use the clean part for the next feeding. 20 + receiving blankets. * Changing pads - I have only one and it's sufficient for outings to the mall, supermarket, other peoples' homes ... etc * Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) - can't help you here * Cotton hats - hats also go by size, and depending on when you're due ... you may need more summer like hats for baby boy ... 10 would be good ... cotton/summer hats ... for each size ... and buy some that match outfits * Lap pads - never had one ... don't think it's necessary * Onesies - 0-3 months - you can never have too many and you go through them like it's going out of style ... either from spitups or from diaper leakage 3-6 months - at this point you'll be a little more experienced ... 12 6-9 months - same - 12 * Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months ---- be very careful with this ... because I had way too many outfits and never even got a chance to put them on my daughter before she was already too big for them. I'd say 7 casual outfits, maybe 4 church like outfits, and 3 or so outfits for other outings. For each size range ... again, careful ... you may end up with outfits that will never get worn. * Receiving blankets - can't have too many * Scratch mittens - some babies don't scratch, but if yours does ... buy tons because you'll want to change them after he's been sticking them in his mouth and gets them soaked * Socks - TONS and these also go by size * Soft shoes - this is really optional and I would suggest only getting one or two (you might want more to match outfits) * Towels - 2 * Wash rags - four ... don't just use it once and then put it in with the laundry ... so long as you're washing laundry once a week ... buy 4
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Livvy Originally Answered: Question sort of related to baby names, plus a baby name BQ?
Your senior project sounds excellent. You need a unifying thesis, however, to sustain continuity. Perhaps an idea would be to look at the way names given to characters in novels and short stories become nouns through common usage. For ex: Scrooge (Dickens has so many more, like Uriah Heep,etc). I won't list my favourite names, because I've done that on other answers, but of your list I'll choose my top choices: Clara Vivienne and Shay Preston .........................................

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