How to write a good poem?

How to write a good poem? Topic: How to write a love poems
June 24, 2019 / By Chas
Question: I need to write two poems for my english class and I have no clue where to start. I need to use things like alliteration, imagery, allusion, and things like that. I really need it to be good and deep. I have a week to write two and memorize one of them. Any advice?
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Alvie Alvie | 2 days ago
Not a good idea to be deep. Deep is for wells and dells and are the places trolls sleep. So avoid love and hate, hells and heavens. Let Milton weep by himself. And Poe's bells will ring, wrong, lose and keep us bound in ice, and hopeless tales. So be superficial and be brief.
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Alvie Originally Answered: How to write a good haiku poem?
Research Wales and find some earthy/nature element you can identify with or that makes you feel something. Haiku is meant to be present tense, observational, and ONLY about nature. As long as there is a nature word or theme, you should be fine. It doesn't have to be 5/7/5, so long as it is under 21 syllables. I'd do some research on the traditional poetry form, and on Wales to really make a sound poem. Good luck! Check out the source link for more information!
Alvie Originally Answered: How to write a good haiku poem?
No, the structure 5-7-5 is wrong! That's the American vesion, not Japanese. Japanese end a haiku when the thought is complete. A haiku is a tiny slice of life. It can be as few as 11 syllables, up to 21. Two beginning lines, then the third contrasts or compliments the two lines above. Clowns are funny people. They wear oversize shoes. Their tears are larger. See? This one is a contrast type. Good Morning!

Thomasin Thomasin
poetry is has to be emotional. no, not emo, but u have to feel it for it to mean something. that's the way i feel @ least. everyone has their own style of writing, but i hafta write w/ feeling. i have to kno what i'm writing about.
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Rosasharn Rosasharn
erm i dont know about advice my minds blank atm sorry but try my poetry blog http://poetrysamateur.wordpress.com/ and hopefully get a few ideas :)
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Rosasharn Originally Answered: Help me write a poem?
well there are many types of poems which you can see the format online. One thing i do when writing Poetry is i kind of express my feelings with the poems assigned to us in school i open up about how i feel about peace and try to figure out what does peace mean to you and how does it make you feel. Like me i would perhaps write about world peace and how i feel like this world is a paradoxical world that has no just peace in it because of war etc...It doesnt have to rhyme but generally i make mine rhyme sometimes just be sure it makes sense and has emotion to it about how you feel on the topic.

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