Am I flirting with him?

Am I flirting with him? Topic: Perfect homework schedule
June 17, 2019 / By Chase
Question: There's this guy I talk to like 5 hours a day. (we have the same class schedule) A lot of times he's asking me for help with school and says i'm smart and he doesn't know anything. I think he's trying to get me to do everything for him and using me for homework help and stuff but i think im flirting with him, i cant even tell. I touched his arm the other day and kept my hand there for like five seconds then pulled it away and he didnt really resist. sometimes our hands brush against eachother like six times in a minute and it just kind of happens. we talk about random stuff and he walks with me sometimes to our classes. i think sometimes he goes out of his way to talk with me. i hit him in the face with a book the other day and he pretended to be hurt. then i called him a retard because he acts like one and he called me a d***. (he was joking it was actually really funny) and i say mean things to him and he acts all hurt and offended. Do you think he likes me and do you think im flirting?
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Alvin Alvin | 3 days ago
I think you two would be perfect! That is great, & without the name-calling & such... Anyways, I think you two would be great, honey. & no, your not just flirting. No boy would go out of his way just to talk to you .. Heres some tips on a relationship if you are ever going to be in one with him... ~Don't take it too fast. ~Don't take it too slow. ~Don't obsess. ~Keep your distance ~Make sure hes not cheating; keep an eye out. ~Be careful ~Have fun! Hope I helped. I hope you two finally become something, & if he doesn't make the first move, you have to do it or else theres nothing! Anyways, good luck with that. I hope I helped. **By the way, don't act TOO flirty with him.. He might use you even MORE.. IF he is.. See if he likes you, Ask him, but don't be willing to help him no matter what. Boys do this all the time, & it's honestly annoying, but you know. Anyways, keep a distance; don't let him suck you into his game. Still help him, just be careful.. **
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Alvin Originally Answered: Is this flirting?
If someone can hold your attention or you hold theirs... its flirting. YOU NEED to step up your game... AND FAST. Someone else maybe looking at her. Stepping up is completely up to you. All the advice and information we give you is worthless if you are too scared to try or to use it. It will ALWAYS be OK to be afraid. It is NOT ok to let your Fears Control You. You're wasting your time, if you are okay with being a "scary cat chicken". What is really going to SUCK for you, is when you see her with someone else and it could have been you. These are the Easiest and Safest approaches I have found, you're welcome to try them out. Usually works. The following is information you will need one day: (for this girl or the next) TO GET A DATE, without having to ask: Tell her you know someone that wants to go on a date with her. She'll want to know WHO. Take her by the hand to wherever there is a reflection and standing next to her say "Him" (pointing at your reflection)----- OR INVITATIONS and ASKING for a Date are the same thing, but an invitation is easier to offer, rather than ask for a date. Writing a note and handing it to her or having someone deliver it to her, will be okay. Most invitations are in WRITTEN FORM. (add ph# so now She has it) Tell her where you will be on a certain day and at a certain time. Let her know she is welcome to join you if she has time. EXAMPLE: "I'm going for ice cream after school/work at (location), you can join me if you're not busy... My Treat" YOU WON'T HAVE TO FEEL EMBARRASSED if she declines. It was just an invitation, NO BIG DEAL. HOW TO BE WITH SOMEONE; ONE on ONE Make a wager (bet) with the person you want to spend time with. Lose that bet to them, INTENTIONALLY. The wager should be something that puts you together alone and away from everyone you know. Make the wager something you can afford and non threatening or too suggestive. (an ice cream cone, a shake, a coffee, washing a car) EXAMPLE: "I'll bet you an ICE CREAM SUNDAE, I can say the alphabet backwards faster than you." Then LOSE the bet to her and take her for an ice cream sundae. (enjoy your Date) TO HOLD HER HAND When you have been with her for awhile and are side by side (walking, standing or sitting) gently take her hand and Say: "Can I borrow this for a little bit? I Promise to take care of it and return it in awhile" She will smile and probably be Impressed and Flattered. If she flinches and pulls away, chances are its a REACTION, NOT REJECTION. Smile and give her something of yours as deposit/collateral and Let her know you want it back when you return her, her hand. TO GET A QUICK KISS. As long as she is enjoying herself with you. In the middle of a conversation, Smile and say: "Close your eyes, you have something close to them". When she does, Touch your lips to hers. Not really a kiss, but it breaks the ice. Then SMILE and tell her: "Oh it was just me. You have soft lips, I like that". Keep smiling. Ask her what yours felt like, before she says anything. But keep smiling. Your biggest FEARS are NOT knowing What to SAY or How to do Something. It's like taking a test. It's NOT so scary, once you know the answers. Driving is NOT so scary, once you're behind the wheel a few times. Same with the Opposite Sex. Practice and Experience equals, "PIECE OF CAKE". Every BF/GF Relationship that you see, happened because ONE OF THEM took a chance and spoke up

Thomasina Thomasina
Yeah, I get the idea he's just using you for homework help hon (sorry.. gotta be honest!) Try to act more serious w/him, k? He seems to be kinda suffering here, and what I mean is that he wants to be the macho guy and make the moves and not have the female do it. I read this through twice and I definitely think that is what's going on. He doesn't want a relationship yet.
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Rose Rose
you can never tell. if you like him and want to go out with him ask him, " do you want to go out with me?" wait for the reply....... if he says no laugh and say "I was just joking I just wanted to know if you fancied me cos you always flirt with me." that's it simple. only ask him if you really want to go out with him though. best way to know if you want to. is imagine if it would bother you if some one else asked him out and he said yes to them. If he does say no there is a very high chance he is getting you to do his homework and you need to decide if you mind helping him or not.
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Rose Originally Answered: Is my Sister in law flirting with me?
A woman straddled your back and you let her? I don't think passes get more clear than that. Even if she is your SIL you should have told her you wanted her to stop rubbing you in bed and then she wouldn't have gotten on your back. You should have got up and walked away. Your wife must not be concerned about you cheating on her but since you just let all that happen what I think is that you actually want her. If you didn't why would let her do all that? You are walking a fine line, if you want to protect your marriage you need to make it clear you want her to stop touching you. When she comes close to you move away. Otherwise, start getting your divorce attorney after your wife kicks you out for having an affair with her sister.

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