Merry Xmas! Time t talkkkkkkkkk noww!:)?

Merry Xmas! Time t talkkkkkkkkk noww!:)? Topic: Iphone 4 case starbucks
June 17, 2019 / By Chauncy
Question: Merry Xmass to anyone whose Xmas isnt over yet...and as for those whose Xmas is over...i sure hope u guys had a good Xmas day!!! How about you guys tell us, what did you get for Xmas??? Anything cool?? Go on, tell us, it would be cool to share :)
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Best Answers: Merry Xmas! Time t talkkkkkkkkk noww!:)?

Alvy Alvy | 5 days ago
iPhone 4 iTunes Card ($50) New Pajamas New Fuzzy Socks Giftcards to Victoria's Secret, The local FroYo Place, Starbucks, The Nail Salon, Target, LUSH and Nordstrom Bailey Button Triplet Bomber UGGS. My old ones wore out! :( $200 Spending Money Donations in my name to our Church, the animal shelter, and St. Jude's Children's Hospital. A KITTEN! I named her Gloria :) Random bath products and soaps from LUSH Ear Phones Navy Blue Juicy Jacket Random Candy! 10 new OPI Nail Polishes Elf DVD The Santa Clause DVD (we had the second 2, just not the first for some reason) New Trampoline!!! I'm a gymnast, and I used mine way too much, and it wore out! DKNY Be Delicious Perfume iPhone Case 3 new pairs of booty shorts for gymnastics. Hahaha :) The announcement that we're taking a Cruise over Spring Break! So excited! And we're leaving for our annual ski trip to Aspen tomorrow!
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Alvy Originally Answered: What should i get for xmas?
wow, sorry about that! depends on what you like, but here are a few ideas: perfume cell phone case (to avoid future cracked screens) gift card iPod speakers concert tickets (obviously not to something like the jonas brothers) hope that helps!
Alvy Originally Answered: What should i get for xmas?
who is it for? for you? (if i were you, I'd get me nothing :)) for your family or loved ones? (if i were you, i'd give them cupcakes with eminems on top that spells MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I LOVE YOU ALL. one letter per cake... eh, that's all i can think of...

Thrud Thrud
Shirts toms vans Ed hardy shoes 5 hollister shirts 4 from American eagle 3 from Victoria secert soccer goal movies James avery 3 gift cards So yepp:)
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Thrud Originally Answered: My 8 year old son wants a laptop for xmas, but I cant afford more than £150?
I don`t see any problem with an eight year old having a laptop as long as he is supervised. Children are very computer savvy these days, my four year old niece has been using one for a long time and it`s definitely helped with her spelling and reading etc. I would go for a decent used or refurbished netbook. Don`t go for the Allfine mini netbook, Windows CE is nothing like a normal Windows laptop, Ubisurfer is another one, I`ve tried it out and it`s a nightmare to run. I`ve had an Acer aspire one and I`m using a Samsung NC10 at the moment, both brilliant and easy to restore factory settings if you have any problems. I would search Ebay and other selling sites, Preloved is a good site. Go for one with XP or Windows 7 with at least 1GB of ram and 80- 160 GB hardrive space. Another good site is cash converters, I got my Aspire One from there and a laptop for my grandson which was described as used, but didn`t look like it had ever been used.
Thrud Originally Answered: My 8 year old son wants a laptop for xmas, but I cant afford more than £150?
I hope this doesn't sound wrong or make you feel worse, but your a single mom, while I'm sure they function as a family. Its amazing how adding another adult to the equation can make a big difference. Do you have anyone who can help you, a mom, grandma etc? If your working, and taking care of your daughter having someone who can come over and watch her while you tidy the house etc could be a big help. And don't worry about the clothes, I'm sure thats how most people feel when they are limited on money. I know thats how I felt, we'd been using hand me downs for the last 5 years. And had to save like crazy just to get some good new school clothes this year. Though now I'm seeing my mothers point, kids grow so fast, its almost a waste to pay $10 a shirt, or $20 for a pair of jeans. They'll grow out of them before they really use them. lol OK...and this is going to sound lame, but I read it in a magizine and it does make a difference. (I started doing it when I felt down about myself). Dress up everyday. Just because. Even if your not going anywhere, do your hair, put on some make up etc. I have a tendency to stay in my PJ's all day because I work from home, and am constantly doing things like scrubing out the bathtub (not something you do in heels & a dress lol). But I got into a rut, and after a year of just doing the basics I started to feel so unatractive, but I didn't see the point in dressing up to clean the house. But I did it anyway and it did make me feel better. Good luck!

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