Can a 6yr old survive a?brain tumor?

Can a 6yr old survive a?brain tumor? Topic: The sisters analysis
June 17, 2019 / By Chaz
Question: ok for those of you who answered my other questions my mom just called and said my little sister has a brain tumor can she survive that?i dont know what kind right now they are at Stanford,ca taking test and analysis and seeing what kind if tumor it is and discussing operations her i have been crying for everything literally what the hell am in going to do she is my daddys little princess and he said he would rather die than my little sister what the hell ami supposed to do what if she dies?? i think its pontine glioma how serious is that
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Alvyn Alvyn | 6 days ago
It has been a while since I thought about brain cancer. In a child, the likeliest type is a glioma. However this is not the only type. The treatment options are surgery and radiation therapy. Chemo is generally not effective in brain cancer because it does not get from the blood stream to the brain (blood-brain-barrier). You need to get some support, as all the attention will be on your sister. I suggest you should speak to an aunt if you are close to one, or discuss it with your minister if you are a church goer.
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Thyrza Thyrza
Some children survive brain tumors and some don't - it depends on the location, size, and type of tumor. Most tumors are not much of a threat if they are in a location where they can be removed. You will have to wait until you get more information. This could turn out to be a non-threatening tumor that can easily be removed or maybe something more serious. If this turns out badly, you and your family will feel a lot of sadness, anger, and grief, but you will all get through it eventually. Losing a family member leaves a hole that never gets filled. At this point, all you can do is hope everything will turn out well, and prepare yourself for the possibility that it won't.
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Roselyn Roselyn
Survival doesn't depend on your sister, her age, your Dad, or you. NONE of you are responsible for this. The survival rate will depend on WHAT TYPE of tumor she has. The doctor will discuss ALL possible options with your parents, before she leaves the hospital.
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