10 Points for the best answer - Can anybody interpret my dream / nightmare?

10 Points for the best answer - Can anybody interpret my dream / nightmare? Topic: Worst case scenario being chased in dreams
July 17, 2019 / By Chenaniah
Question: I dreamt that I was viewing something in THIRD PERSON mode and viewing a series of events where everybody seemed to be against me. I can't actually remember dying at that stage. However then I progressed on to another dream where I felt I was in a FIRST PERSON game scenario, like a demonic version of connect 4 and if I lost I would die. Like a video game. I got one life when needed to get three and died and then woke up at 5:20 with my heart racing an a dry mouth. I don't know where that dream or thoughts came from as I did not think I had thought about about anything like that all day. It was completely out of the bloom. I just wondered if anybody else has had any similar scenarios? Is this normal? Does this mean anything? It said also that I may die at a later stage and then the next dream consisted of somebody who I don't like chasing me with a weapon or something similar trying to kill me. it was like I was cursed. The scariest was the strange demonic dream. Also I think the series of events when everybody was against me was located near a car lot. I do not know if that had any meaning? The demonic dream seemed awfully real. Is there any added relevance me dreaming the demonic dream where I die in first person and not in third person? Thank you in advance for all the help issued and opinions issued & 10 points will be awarded to the person with the best answer. I play no video games. Is it a case of foreshadowing as it was witnessed by me in first hand? Does in mean anything bad will happen to me? I only ask if something bad will happen to me as all the dreams were linked and it said I will die or I will die soon. Is this a omen? Or is this nothing to worry about? Thank you in advance for all help and opinions issued on this topic. Kind regards. Added information for lulu75 : Not that I am aware of, should I worry about this dream, is there any hidden meaning or meaning to it?
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Alwin Alwin | 7 days ago
in dreams they say you should reverse it, so if you dream of a death you hear of a birth!!!!! Amyone you know expecting??
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Tia Tia
Your Connect 4 dream is only an average nightmare. Your other dream is rather realistic (a bit serious). Very few dreams predict the future, but that does not contradict from you, as in your dream may predict your future. I had a dream that I would fall down the steps and die, and sure enough I fell down the steps ( but did not die, of course ).Even if your dream is true, some things may not be true. But see a local psychiatrist to talk with about your strange dreams. And I pretty much doubt your Connect 4 and your series of strange but scary events are related. Have a good day and try not to think about it.
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