Life is a mystery but why does it have to be?

Life is a mystery but why does it have to be? Topic: Have come to a conclusion
June 17, 2019 / By Cherokee
Question: i will like to ask a few questions. how can one find his/her true purpose or mission on earth. some people believe that their is a God some don't, some believe in natural justice and some don't even believe in any and they live their life not caring of tomorrow. is there life after death or is this life just a big dream as René Descartes once thought before he came to the conclusion "Cogito ergo sum" which means in english, I think, therefore I am. How come there is an undeniable fact that we all have a conscience(mind) that lets us know when something is wrong or right. i believe that since we have a conscience then their is a judgement but by who? why is there so much injustice and atrocities in the world. man kills his fellow man for no reason. some kill in the quest for religious domination and nations rise against nations for the purpose of global domination. why can't there be world peace. 70% of the world is made up of water yet their is global thirst in the world. people find it hard to drink common clean water. everything is now being controlled. why?
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Alwyn Alwyn | 8 days ago
Sadly comrade... we have good structures pertaining to the fact like capitalism as a system is a good system thought up by our forefathers but the leaders who run countries are the greedy, sadistic, selfish and sociopathic people who give countries a bad reputation and like the old saying goes, "absolute power corrupts"... the reason why there are injustices and atrocities committed are because some leaders DON'T have a conscience, thus, are moraless, ruthless, egotistical, insecure and conceited, pathetic excuses of human beings... when someone is deluded and egotistical, they lack any rationality what so ever, thus, are illogical, emotionally driven sociopaths on fulfilling their insecure egos at all costs so, hence, this instinctive-impulsive behavior is displayed which remember instincts don't need any cogitative processes whats so ever... the manifestation of this notion is very prevalent especially in today's societies... so all these instinctive-impulsive driven overrides rationality to the point that their barbaric, insecure, egotistical, psychologically imbalanced individuals that don't know how to lead in the first place so thus, justice is overrided with chaos is fulfilled ... with these primitive-instinctive acts for power, greed and territorial aggression which opposing countries that are deemed "enemies" so in reality chances are that two opposing countries will careless who you are and will kill other innocent human lives in order to become dominant and become the "best", when in reality... its quite sad and sickening how society operates nowadays and shame for what our forefathers stood for... justice seems to be forgotten nowadays and there is no honor but much rather chaos, injustice and anarchy that pertains to the leaders specifically... but remember this comrade... with every sacrifice is a new beginning... and the new beginning will come soon enough because these leaders will seal their fate with their own self destructive nature... oh yeah... my theory of the conscience seems to be promoted or generated within a energy systematic process governed by how we feel about a situation by our emotions in the unconscious part of the brain which the emotions produces thoughts in the unconscious which ultimately determines our actions whether it be our own ethically "right" or "wrong" path in life determines the outcome... But overall your own the right track and keep up the good work! :)
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My my my Wolfly You are so lazy! Start your own homework Then you will benefit! Ever heard of honest work? Really, it does not hurt. Yahoo should not be your saviour...you should be!

Tiana Tiana
true there is 75% of the world that is made of water 97-98% of that is salt water. I was reading the book "child called "it" and I was thinking why would a mother do that to her own. but it dawned upon me that we humans somewhere in our history evolved a brain that became self-destructive. you are correct in everything you have stated. the reason why there is so many atrocities in this world is greed. we call ourselves the most logical species yet we are the only ones who intentionally kill and destroy the planet. the earthy was fine for the 4,594,500,255 years before homospaiens appeared. but I'm not a pessimistic person. I believe that we our headed for a bright future.. don't dwell on the negative aspects of life just think about the good. dwelling on bad things won't change them it will just ruin ones own life. try to make the best of today.
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right, i think the division btw turkey's east and west is more significant than the division of east and west on the globe (between countries) but our eastern cities are clearly better than middle east. yea they're bad, i visited southeast many times, clearly not like the west :) but apart from some developed middle eastern cities theyre better in general honor killings and pkk actions are ONLY done by kurds in this country. and bad name? this issue is complicated i think. they're civilized nations but in france violence of men to their gfs or wifes is the highest ratio, and england is very unsafe. but all we hear is their "immigrants' problems". yea immigrants are responsible for high crime and such, but do they cause french men to beat their wives? or do they cause the chavs to annoy ppl? ohh no. it just doesnt seem they highlight their own flaws. when something happens in a kurdish populated eastern city, it is wrote by the global media as "from turkey, by the turks"... i dont mean everything is done by kurds in this country, but about a horrible thing like honor killing, it's not us. why does that happen? cause the image around the world is decided by the one who has the power and the money. and europe doesnt like ottoman, cause ottoman was half the way into europe lol yea that historical matter is still alive today, even if ppl doesnt recognize it. french ppl dislike turks, why they dislike? cause their governments make a propaganda. (idiot ugly dwarf sarkozy for ex). and why their governments and media do that? because of ottoman. and the turkish state is a continuation of ottoman about the diplomacy. (ottoman neither favored arabs nor europeans) during the fall of ottoman, there was a big antipropaganda carried out in orthodox churchs, by the help of mainly brits and western europe. (cause they aimed to divide ottoman by leading to the independence of balkan nations) so we dont care about the wrong image europe gives (by intention), cause it's their problems with ottoman, it's offending anyhow. whatever we do, it's impossible to change the history. it can be forgotten after a long time only.. but if they keep on focusing on other's flaws and hiding from their own flaws, i dont see europe's end very bright.. i've been to europe so i observed many things i didnt read from the global newspapers. istanbul has a ghetto problem. and traffic problem. but life is nice there. if you find a good neighborhood and environment, have friends and acquintances (cause it's hard to establish those there) it's pretty nice. i like the nightlife, diversity and freedom of istanbul. there are other cities offering those too, mainly western and southern cities (there are few central and eastern cities too). but istanbul is nice itself. :D btw as whole turkey, it lacks infrastructure and city planning.
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It's a very complicated issue. To say easily, don't be afraid of living in İstanbul. I guess it once had been bombed by El-Kaide in two places at same time by bomb loaded pickups. One was a bank company other was a synagogue. In other situations Turkish Police usually good at finding terrorists in cities. Only problem is sometimes Turkish Army goes for patrols and being assaulted with radio controlled mines(so army use jammers for that) by PKK (they are bunch of cowards can't handle fight face to face). In İstanbul poor places have a bad mood whenever i enter such places that police checks my id. If you find neat places to live, you'll probably gonna be ok. It's just like America, you may find places like Manhattan or Hell's Kitchen.

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