What is wrong with my dog? ):?

What is wrong with my dog? ):? Topic: Worst case spider bites
July 16, 2019 / By Chester
Question: He went outside and he was outside for quite a while... he comes back inside and he's drooling EVERYWHERE it's so bad he's throthing at the mouth and his eyes were tearing. What is it? Is he eating something?? PLEASE HELP thankyou!
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Alysdare Alysdare | 10 days ago
It's possible he was bitten or stung..ants, spider, bee,snake, etc. Or it's possible he ate something nasty or possibly poisonous. Important.....do you or your neighbors have any rat posions out anywhere, or have any other pesticides been sprayed? Is he swelling up anywhere? Check him from head to toe, don't forget the mouth (look for signs of something he may have eaten) and take a look around the yard for anything that doesn't look right. If he starts to act weak or lethargic you should get him to the vet asap. In fact it's good to call the vet just in case, they can ask you a panel of questions that will help determine what he got into. They may have you induce vomiting with peroxide. Hopefully he just got into something that's nasty but not really dangerous...something dead maybe. If he's drooling he may vomit soon. If he does, you'll need to examine it for the culprit. Gross, but necessary. Keep a very close watch on him and if there is the slightest possibility of a poisoning or venomous bite, take him to the vet NOW. Let us know how he's doing please! Good luck!
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Tiara Tiara
I'm sorry to tell you this, but it could be a sign of rabies. Did he have his rabie shots? And if he didn't then check all over him for an animal bite. Because he could have got it from another animal. If it isn't rabies then he might have just eaten something like a dead bird or something. You still might have to take him to the vet though because it could be more serious than that...Good Luck and I hope he feels better.
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Rosie Rosie
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Myrtle Myrtle
If it has been less than an hour then give him 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up while trying to call the vet
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Lorelle Lorelle
call the vet now. sounds like he has eaten something he shouldn't have. Try and get him to drink water as well. this will help flush it out and also dilute. go and look outside in your garden. Maybe you can find whatever it might have been that he has eaten if that i what has happened.
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Kat Kat
It sounds like he did get into something. Call the emergency vet up now. If you have someone else here, have them go outside and see if they can identify what he ate. He either got into something... or... if you have bad neighbors... someone gave him something.
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Hazel Hazel
he deffinately got into something... he could have ate something spicy out of the trash or he could have got into some poison. call the vet while your already in the car driving there... dont take any chances
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Dorthy Dorthy
I agree with the others; it sounds like he ate something poisonous. You need to get him to a vet ASAP.
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Cathleen Cathleen
yeah i agree with everyone else. remain calm, there is no need for a panic, as there is a possibility there may be nothing seriously wrong at all. good luck!
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