How would I go about adopting my friend's child?

How would I go about adopting my friend's child? Topic: Oklahoma papers
July 17, 2019 / By Cheyanne
Question: She never meant to get pregnant and really just doesn't want it but don't want it to go to someone she don't know either. I am equipped to handle a child, have a toddler who isn't my own and likely can't have one of my own, though I am perfectly okay with only having one. I love kids and I would like another and I believe this would be a great addition to our family. So what all would we have to pay to do this adoption in Oklahoma city area? Do we need a lawyer? What paper work needs to be filled out? What are court costs and what all do we need to do through the court? College, married, job, decent money and no record. I have nothing going against me at all. And don't say I don't need to adopt. As for guardianship, that isn't what any of us want. We want to take the baby, let her know her mother and who she is and that she is her mom, and allow the mom to see her anytime. But for us to have full parental rights to the child
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Alystair Alystair | 2 days ago
You dont. You need to petition to be the childs legal guardian. But unless you are in a relationship and earning a good wage you have no chance.
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Regardless of how much money someone has, a person has to many kids when they cannot care for them (financially or emotionally). That may be 1 kid or 20, the number is different for every family. Otcomom may have been reckless in her decision making, even though she didn't plan to have 8 babies. She only planned to have 1, just like the previous times she had IVF, to bring her total number of kids to 7, not 14. Anyone who has done research on IVF knows that the chances of all embryos taking are slim and even a smaller chance that 2 of them would split into twins. With celebrities, most of them do have nannies that care for the kids more than they do, and I think that is just as irresponsible. I'm not saying parents shouldn't have nannies because I know a majority of parents have to work and I see nothing wrong with getting a sitter in order for parents to have a weekend away but at no point should a child spend more time with a sitter than their parent.
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If you want to make a serious statement or ask as serious question, then do not over-exaggerate the facts. Madonna does NOT have 10 kids, not even close. She has 2 biological and 1 adopted. And if she chooses to adopt 10 more, then as long as she is able to care for them financially and lovingly, then she has every right. I'd rather see 1 person adopt 10 children that can financially support them and guarantee them a future then to see them in an orphanage not being taken care of by a staff of people. Octomom is a different situation, she already had 6 kids, she is single and bankrupt but manage to afford to be artificially inseminated with 8 more kids that she can't afford. She is living with her parents as well. You can not compare celebrity multiple adoptions to octomom.
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First of all she doesn't have 10 kids. She has 3. Secondly, until she starts demanding tax payers support her kids then it isn't yours or anyone else's business. It's also no one's business about Brad or Angelina's kids either for the same reason. Until they start begging for handouts and wanting the general public to support their kids then who cares if they have one or twenty?! OCTOMOM on the other hand is irresponsible, uncapable and has serious issues. Her nannies that were provided to her that quit said so, her own parents (who got the first six shoved on them by the way and they are on a limited income) have said so. OCTOMOM is people's business because she chose to act irresponsibly with no finances of her own to do this on her own and then to air her situation publicly and make a public issue of it.
Alystair Originally Answered: Madonna adopting more kids? When is it too much?
Sure, she's rich and can hire nannies and tutors... I don't think that is REASON for her to adopt any more though. INTERESTING thing though... on CNN yesterday, I was hearing that what-ever-country she is in has a law that doesn't permit adoption by single or divorced persons !! I know I'll raise the ire of some, but... just because a person CAN doesn't mean they SHOULD have children or adopt. Sad that you have to get a license to drive or start a business... yet you can squeeze out kids without any "pre-test"

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hello. my name is rachael. im 15 years old and i just got adopted when i was 14. i went into foster care when i was 11 and went bouncing from home to home not knowing where i would end up next or who i would end up with or what they would be like. if your planning to adopt then the best advice i could give you is dont go looking for "the perfect child" and dont have your heart set on a baby. everyone wants a baby. but what about us? the ones who are beaten till their a teenager but they want a better life so they run away to find anyone who will love them and not beat or rape or neglect them. but as we run away looking for love we find that not many people want a harmed teenager whos troubled. we may be a little harder to handle but even though we may go try or do some things that most children wouldnt, if you really get to know us, you will find out its because were scared. scared of being hurt again. so we pust ourselves away. but if you take on the responsibility of a troubled teen, its your job to hold them and love them through the bad times too. but in the end its up to you. i was very lucky. iv only been to 7 foster homes in about 10 months then i just stayed with one for 2 years and got adopted. but i know some who have been in more than 33.
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let me deconstruct this: ---------------------------------------... 'I've heard horror stories about how painful childbirth is, and I just don't feel comfortable with being responsible for so much pain. " so , you'd prefer that some poor hussy do all the grunt work? nice. "I don't have to go through it, why should she? " because tha'st what people do who want kids: they "go through it." it's called sacrifice. it's what ADULTS do. "Also, there are the effects that childbirth has on a woman. I've heard horror stories about post-partem depression, miscarriage, birth defects, and women dying in childbirth. " so you want your woman to remain "hot" yet, have a baby? and you do know that adoptees aren't created in a lab. they are actually BIRTHED by living women, who can experience all the stuff you fear. "I don't like the idea that a baby I end up having being a miscarriage, or having some kind of defect, and I don't want post-partem depression to happen, and on top of that, I don't think I could handle a baby being the cause for the death of whatever wife I happen to have. " ever thought about remaining childless? "So, given all of this info, what is the opinion of all of you on this?" mature a bit more. _______________ ETA: "faith4jesus" way to marginalize the experiences of pregnant women and adoptees, again. he clearly stated that he didn't want HIS partner to go through all that "birthing stuff"; yet is comfortable having another woman do it. and the only thing you read is how he won't get answers to his "serious question?" are you serious?
Alystair Originally Answered: Considering adopting. Please answer seriously. What's your opinion?
You want us to answer seriously here? OK. Considering you are at least several years away before you will be in a position to make a decision, I suggest that when you are actually in a position to consider adoption that you repost at that time. Hint: if you are still saying things like 'you don't want your wife to have the awful experience of child birth' - there will be many of us to tell you - please do not adopt any children to expose them to further harm. If you are saying things like "my wife and I may be able to have a child, however, we've decided rather than try - we want to provide for an older child or sibling group that has been in foster care. We have decided that going for a baby is perpetuating uncivil and immoral practices, and there are hundreds of thousands of people to participate for the babies for when the few babies in true need become available. No, we are interested in those who are in the most need - by the hundreds of thousands". Well, then I would say - WOW - go for it!

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