Why can't the good guys have Ak-47s and AR-15s?

Why can't the good guys have Ak-47s and AR-15s? Topic: Criminal case sentence examples
July 16, 2019 / By Christmas
Question: In response to Obama's speech, he stated that we need to keep such weapons out of criminal hands and they only belong on the battlefield. Why can't a good person have such firearms? I only use mine for shooting at paper targets on the gun range and I use these to teach my children safety and respect along with how to shoot of course.
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Amby Amby | 7 days ago
John- Its simple. We cannot have them because Brady, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer and many other DEMONCRAPS say those types of guns are bad JUJU. Notice however these morons are staying away from the gun politics until AFTER the election. You can bet that when Obumma is re-elected they will be all over this issue for his final four years. There is nothing wrong with the AK and AR series type firearms. They have made them our to be something they are not. Plus most of this has to do with more media hype than anything else. Here is a great example: Have you heard anything more about the "horrible Travon Martin Case"? No you have not! Why? Because the media builds the hype, gets everyone into a frenzy, and foaming at the mouth to point the fingers at responsible gun owners. More gun control is not the answer. Of course finding un-stupid politicians is like finding a needle in a hay-stack! Unfortunately what is the answer is getting our legislators to understand that the punishment needs to fit the crime. The crime of Murder should always justify the death sentence! The same is to be said for other violent crime. But alas our GUTLESS politicians and judges will never cater to this belief as they are too worried about their reputations to do true justice to keep the public safe from un-necessary harm. I am not all about Frontier Justice, but sometimes Frontier Justice, (unfortunately), is just what is needed. Nuff Said!
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Tikvah Tikvah
ehh because you dont need to be smart to get his job you just have to be a better liar than the other guy. I wouldnt concern myself too much, he screws with guns he will lose votes. Because screwing with guns is a sure way to piss off people who actually vote. There is not much he can do without congress and they already have no inclination to do anything, because they are smart enough to know they would be voted out if they did and new people who would restore rights would be in. There isn't a whole helluva he can do on his own without congress backing him and they wont, heck after what went down in AZ which involved one of their own they didnt want to do anything. Gun control is widely unpopular and doesn't have much support anymore. It is a old outdated mindset that has failed time and time again. Fact is gun control doesnt solve anything it doesnt weaken anyone but the law abiding citizen. They know this is how the population feels for the most part and they realize that their job still depends on people voting to let them keep it. They screw with guns they will lose their job. Give it a month or so and gun control talks will fizzle out, they always do. Right after VT and the AZ shootings there was gun control talks but they fizzled out. You can have your AR and AK i dont foresee them going anywhere.
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Roxana Roxana
I just have two questions to ask Obama and his gun control ilk, aren't there laws already on the books and a background check to insure that criminals cannot buy guns? How are you going to determine when someone is going to become UNHINGED in the future? Under the right circumstances,anyone can go over the edge at any time. What Obama is doing trying to appease both sides of the gun issue, without cutting his own throat with his words.Typical politician grandstanding.
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Nanna Nanna
Yeah, it was once referred to as the confidential army Contractors sent over to Iraq... And seem what a bang up job they did. So why is that this Militia governing our defense to begin with... Katrina II ? Vandals ? WW III ? What Syfy exhibit are you recalling up there in your situation? Yeah, guns will have to be gone from this country, rifles to shoot game to feed your loved ones, minimize an over populated danger to others... Look on the UK! We had been one more Nation back then, and to believe, we left England for Freedom and due to the fact then, who has the larger loss of life tolls.... We do! Automatic weapons must be banned, and if Chicago had much less hand guns, out of both of the palms of crook and victims... It will be a better position! Interval. Violence feeding violence will not be a excellent factor. Disarm the energy, discover a better approach.... Is it too late? It's not ever too late!
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Lorie Lorie
It's called "rhetoric" and politicians have been spewing it for years about guns. Take away the scary guns and let Elmer Fudd keep his break open shotgun is a divide and defeat stratgey.... If the govt gets the first class - they will take the second class of guns soon enough. I find it ironic that after 50 years of active gun control and whining by liberals --- we sell more guns than ever, the AR is the best selling platform of the day... and Gun rights advocates are riding a crest with CCW laws in 48 of 50 States.
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Kath Kath
You are correct on translating Soetoro's statement to mean be doesn't believe civilians should be allowed to have these firearms. It is also interesting that he said "AK47", a rifle not used in the shooting, instead of "AR". And if the truth be known, either are rarely used in crimes.
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