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Sexually abused:(......? Topic: Homework for grownups
June 17, 2019 / By Christopher
Question: I don't know who to tell. My mums boyfriend is making me do things. Things I don't feel comfortable with. Please don't report my answer I just want advice. I know him as my dad. Mams been with him for as long as I can remember. It started about a month ago. I've told no one. I don't want to inform the police or want my mam to find out. I'm scared of her reaction. I'm scared to go around boys incase they do something . . . . . Please help me:(
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Amery Amery | 8 days ago
Your mam's married to your dad, and you're adopted, according to last night's post: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... Troll, please, go do your homework and leave the grownups alone.
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Amery Originally Answered: My OH bought up about me being sexually abused as a child to hurt me?
I'm sorry for what happened both with your "grampy" and with your partner now. It is mean that he brought this up to hurt you, but unfortunately it does happen. I also had a child abuse issue in my past although different form yours, and my partner knew about it. One time we were having a particularly big fight and he also used it to hurt me, so I can imagine how you feel. You know your partner, so you probably know if he was "carried away" or if this mean streak is something that comes up habitually. You also know how he makes you feel most of the time and how he treats you and your kids. COnsider also the exact circumstances of what happened, could it be you hit a sensitive spot unintentionally with your joke? Did he over-react to it? If what happened was something out of the ordinary and you usually feel loved and respected by your partner, I'd suggest you talk to him and tell him how you felt, how sharing that part of your past with him was an act of trust. He should not use it to hurt you and he should understand how vulnerable and hurt this comment he made made you feel. I'd also ask why he reacted this way. We all have particularly stupid/angry moments, and some people have skeletons in the cupboard. It could be you accidentally ran into either of them. I believe a good man will understand the seriousness of the issue and not use it again to hurt you. If he has a tendency to use things against you, if you don't feel as loved or respected as you think you should, go back to your Mom. It seems you have a tough situation, but you should consider what you might be exposing your kids to if you stay with someone who is ready to hurt you so. Such a man might eventually hurt you through your weakest point if he can, and that will be your kids. For what it's worth, when it happened to me I felt so hurt that I viciously attacked him back. I felt very bad with myself because I loved him so much and I couldn't belive he had used this to hurt me, nor that I had lost control as to fight back with the meanest stuff I could think of. We talked and I explained how I felt, and although we had some very bad fights after that he never used it again. So in his case it was an isolated event and he cared and respected me enough as to not use it again, not even when we were fighting. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck.

Tilda Tilda
i don't know much about it but my mum was in a similar situation, im not sure what to advise you to do other than tell someone you trust. my mum didn't anyone and it went on for years and it is clearly obvious that she is still mentally scarred from it now so if i wdon'ton't just stay quiet because it could possibly do more damage in the long run.
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Roxane Roxane
You reallie REALLIE need to tell someone! It might be hard to but you can't go on like this please don't suffer in silence tell a friend and then mabe tell your mum together. She will belive you and get shut of him then you can go to police she will feel bad aswell noing that you couldn't come to her straight away.don't go on like this love do something about it straight away!!!! GOOD LUCK
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Nannie Nannie
Hi there, I was raped sometime ago so I know I can help you, please feel free to e-mail me, so we can chat, good luck. [email protected]
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Nannie Originally Answered: I was sexually harassed by my CEO, he tried to kiss me what do I do?
This guy needs to be dealt with. I would look into pressing charges. I hope you saved his emails, phone messages, etc as those will be the evidence you need. Seek out an attorney that has had experience with sexual harassment cases. There are some attorneys that will not charge you until they win the case and then they take a percentage. Now be prepared as his attorney will try to make you out to be some sort of tramp who tried to encourage him...even though you didn't do anything! Now if you don't want to get into a lawsuit I would tell him that if he made one more call or email that you would share all of this evidence with his wife and the rest of the employees...especially the females. Do not speak to him alone...ever!! What a jerk...sorry you have to deal with such a creep!

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