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Teen Girl Room Ideas? Topic: Cream wallpaper with brown pattern
June 17, 2019 / By Chuckie
Question: Ok so I am redecorating my room and I can't decide on my colors so it is either Brown, light baby yellow, and cream/white Brown, purple, and drk purple Brown, soft olive green, and cream/white Which color would look the best and what design ideas could I do with that
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Amitai Amitai | 10 days ago
Cream with chocolate accent wall. http://www.mylifescoop.net/wp-content/up... Purple in your bedding set. http://www.overstock.com/Bedding-Bath/Co... http://www.walmart.com/ip/Urban-Living-D... Above your headboard. http://knockoffdecor.com/sunburst-mirror-2/ $10 hobby lobby You might like some diy ideas. Buy 1/2 yard (18x45") of super cute fabric for $3 at walmart in tons of different patterns/designs. for ex. http://www.etsy.com/search?q=joel+dewberry+bundle&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US&spelling_corrected=joel+dewberyy+bundle&page=2 Make a fabric bulletin pin board to hang above your desk for notes, photos, cards... http://www.etsy.com/listing/72921950/designer-sparrows-on-plum-memory-board?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_query=plum+sparrow+memo+board&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all -without ribbon Easy and inexpensive to make one by wrapping fabric to the back of of a corkboard and staple in place. http://s950.beta.photobucket.com/user/sheilabell33/media/vaggis-noticeboard__0095947_PE244191_S4_zps90c96889.jpg.html?state=replace#/user/sheilabell33/media/vaggis-noticeboard__0095947_PE244191_S4_zps90c96889.jpg.html?state=replace&_suid=136102863321401006402403168607 -cut fabric 2" larger Designer frames Cut two 1 1/2" wide strips of the fabric and wrap two picture frames. http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/fabric-crafts5.htm -overlap like the picture Cut out or print and frame close-ups of beautiful flowers and hang together. http://www.treesflowers.com/wp-content/uploads/auto_save_image/2010/08/175525N3o.jpg http://sizzlingconcepts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/white-rose-wallpaper.jpg Make a cute accent pillow for your bed with the remaining fabric to tie everything together. Easy to sew with a needle and thread if you can't use a sewing machine. Cut fabric 13x30" Fold the fabric in half, in-side-out so the color/print is inside. Sew 1/2" in, along the edge on the two long sides, leaving the short end open. Turn pillow cover right-side-out so the color/print is on the outside. Fill with batting or even with a sweater/shirt you don't wear anymore. Then sew up the opening. Impressive light-up poster.
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Amitai Originally Answered: Remodeling Room For A Teen?
You should think dymanic...decorate so that you can change the look easily as your daughter gets older. A fairly plain, neutral bedspread can be dressed up with any combination of throw pillows. Once you get tired of the old look you can make new pillow covers for them (or just replace them) fairly inexpensively. Also, I can't say enough about good and versatile lighting. Lighting is what makes makes a room! Plus if she's a teen, she's going to be doing a lot of homework eventually and good lighting will help her out. Get a floor lamp with multiple heads and you can position them for reading, working at a desk, and even accenting art or photos on the wall. Framed pictures, posters, photos, and art are a great way to add class and sophistication to a room, and again, the subject matter inside can be changed out easily to match her ever-changing interests. You can pick up lots of frames at thirft-stores and even big box stores pretty cheaply. Finally, have you considered a canopy that hangs from the sealing to go over her bed? You can buy them already made, or if you're handy they are pretty easy to make out of bridal veil material. It's probably not going to be a long-term permanent feature, but it will definitely be a stuning addition with lots of shock value. She'll think you're the most amazing mom in the world! Check out a couple of these and see if you like them: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Feather-Boa-Mosquito-Net-Canopy/2066347/product.html?cid=130555&fp=F&srccode=cii_9686437&cpncode=07-60427158-2 http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Mombasa-Nile-Jewel-Canopy/2347138/product.html?cid=130555&fp=F&srccode=cii_9686437&cpncode=12-54437997-2 http://www.shopwildthings.com/rcafowhmonet.html http://www.thewhitecompany.com/department2.aspx?DepGrpCode=WEB&DepCode=FLRA http://www.lakewoodconferences.com/catalog/26/83/328/155446/sell_fairytale_princess_bed_canopy.html And while we're adding whimsy...I always wanted an antique vanity with a mirror. You could find a nice one for a good price on craigslist.com.

Tillie Tillie
If you're dead set on brown, you might consider using it as an accent color and not a main one. Perhaps you could choose the first option and paint the walls a nice cream, get lampshades, rugs, and containers (like baskets) in yellow, and get a brown and white or brown and yellow comforter. In addition, your furniture would be gorgeous in a dark wood brown or even white. Find photos with this color scheme, blow them up, and put them on the walls. Paint the back of your door striped yellow and brown for a popping color against the cream walls. Hope this helps!
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Roxanne Roxanne
Couple of cubic meters of sand and a few buckets of sea water would do the job, ha ha ha but Mum wouldn't be a joyful camper. Some pleasant ornamental inspiration's from other more serious answers. Just like the sand in a fish tank with shells - why no longer contain a soft white 40w light on one part wall (finish) of the tank, Blue again wall, (the ocean), then sand o the bottom, shell scattered about, and a type of little 'cocktail drink umbrella's' caught in the sand. Just right theme the seashore. Doc
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Naomi Naomi
I like the third one the best. Buy an olive green blanket for the bed and add some cream decorations, add a mirror and an inexpensive chandelier.
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Lorinda Lorinda
This blog http://www.mixandchic.com/ has literally the prettiest bedrooms I have ever seen. Check there!
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Lorinda Originally Answered: Room ideas?
Roomzaar.com - is a site where people upload pictures of their decorated rooms. ( maybe you'll find some inspiration) Also, for bedding try Wakeupfrankie.com, or PBteen.com. ( they have alot of girly bed spreads, and stuff) I say, get a cheap captains bed at walmart for 100$, and create a faux-canopy, something like this; http://www.womansday.com/Articles/Home/D... all you need is to go to a fabric store, and search their discount bins. You'll need a good ten yards of sheer fabric, maybe more. Pink is the way to go. You can also make your own curtains, and valence's. Go to the local dollarstore, too! they usually have great decor things, for incredibly cheap prices. Buy gems, and glue them all over picture frames, lamp shades, mirror frames. And print clothing sketches by her favourite designer, and insert them into the frames- places them in either a collage, or randomly around the room. I'd also paint the room a light pink, nothing to vibrant or harsh, because everything else can be vibrant, and it will pop and showcase much better against a pale wall. Pink and white polka dot carpet, or pink shag- ( i saw one at wal-mart for 20$) Search Kijijiji.ca for a vanity table, that's very girly (but optional) Good luck.

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