A friend lent me money, I repaid him; now he is avoiding me.?

A friend lent me money, I repaid him; now he is avoiding me.? Topic: Distant writing a business
June 17, 2019 / By Clare
Question: I am living in a foreign country and don't have many friends. Owing to a problem with my foreign ATM card it was necessary for me to borrow 200 EUR from 'George' and I was able to pay him back immediately by transferring money directly from my account to his--I have funds in the bank; just no ATM card. Then, because of a continued delay in getting a proprerly functioning card I wrote him an email asking him to do the same thing again--then I thought better of it and retracted the request with profuse apologies. i ended up having to torture someone else with the favour. Maybe this is my guilt talking but he seems distant--I don't see him all that often to begin with but when I welcomed him back from a business trip (I began with 'don't worry! I don't need anything, just saying hi) he said he was busy; he also has not returned a text message. I realise a friend is not a bank but a foreigner has few options sometimes. am I imagining things? is he just genuinely busy?
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Ammiel Ammiel | 3 days ago
...just give him some space for a while to think things through....if he is a true friend he will understand and things should return to normal eventually......in the meantime find some new friends.....
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Tina Tina
If you go a borrowing, then you will surely go a sorrowing . A sure way to quickly end any sort of relationship with someone else is to borrow or loan money. When someone I like asks me for a loan, I give them money but with a clear understanding that it is a gift and nothing is ever to be said about repayment. Even with this method , people still usually avoid me once they have hit on me for money.
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Royse Royse
you're a delicate touch and regrettably pals/kinfolk be responsive to it. Its confusing to break the cycle considering you're a severe high quality individual and you do not prefer to be perceived through fact the undesirable guy. even with the undeniable fact that somewhat not undemanding love is suggested as for right here. end lending human beings funds that don't pay you returned and be strict approximately that! that's going to be confusing for you interior the fast term yet interior the long-term you have much less human beings taking income of you.
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Natille Natille
your money problems arent his problems. You shouldnt have asked once, let alone twice. You should of sold your body for a few euros instead. Use your initiative.
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Lorri Lorri
you are not wrong at all!this can happen to anybody!Do not blame yourself for nothing.A friend in deed is a friend indeed!
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