English grammer please help. easy?

English grammer please help. easy? Topic: How to write a plural possessive sentence
June 17, 2019 / By Clay
Question: so i need help with the 's' thing ..... when we use like : ashley's coat / the school's yard you know what i mean but , what if the word itself ends with 's' ... wht do we do then ??/? or if it's like this : girls .... do we say it as girls's coats ??? and how do we Pronounce it ??? pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee answeeeer me and sorry for the bad english it's not my original languge OMG thank you all so much .. GOD BLESS YOU ALL .... thanks i totally get it now.
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Amory Amory | 8 days ago
Aaah the possessive apostrophe. (That's what that little ' is actually called). The simple rule is this. If the noun does not end in an S, then to make it possessive, you add an 's to the end - just like your examples ("Ashley's coat", "the school's yard"). In most cases nouns that don't end in an S are singular, but not all of them. How about children? That's a plural, but that doesn't matter - the same rule applies, so you'd say "the children's jackets". If you're dealing with a plural noun that does end in an S - as most do - then all you do is put a ' after it to indicate possession, so you'd say "the girls' books" (books owned by more than one girl). That of course sounds exactly the same as "the girl's books (books owned by just one particular girl), but that's just the way it is. You can't tell the difference in the spoken sentence, but you can in the written one. The only confusion occurs with singular nouns that end in an S - like bus or James. However, the exact same rules apply as described above, so it''d be "the bus's engine" or "James's books" or "Francis's shoes". These are pronounced like they have an "ezz" on the end. There is one exception to what I just wrote and that's with proper names from ancient history that end in an S. For some reason, it's considered correct with names like Jesus, Moses, Sophocles and Ulysses for example to show possession by just adding a ' to the end. So, "Jesus' teachings" would be correct, but one would still pronounce this as "Jesus-ezz teachings". However, nobody would shoot you for writing "Moses's tablets of stone". Hope that helps.
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Toni Toni
if it's in plural form, such as girls, you will only need to add an apostrophe in the end = girls' and will be pronounced the same with or without the apostrophe. but if it's a name, such as, Francis, you will only add an apostrophe in the end = Francis' and will be pronounced as "francisises" if that makes sense. That's what we were taught from where I am.
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Rubina Rubina
for the words ending in s, like girls' coat, or names, like jesus' name, you put the apostrophe after the s, and dont add an s. just say it like jesus name or girls coat. the apostrophe is just there to show that the coat, or the name, or whatever, belongs to that person.
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Nelda Nelda
an 's shows ownership so it depends on the sentence how you use it such as in the classroom the girls coats are on the left you are not using girl to show ownership so to show ownership you can write it as girl's just one girl or girls'multiple
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Louanna Louanna
properly firstable that is "GRAMMAR" no longer grammer and the proper way is to bypass to a library and look at some ESL books ideally with audio so which you be attentive to the way issues might desire to sound like properly.
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Kathy Kathy
only put the ' sign there if it is shortening two words, the second of which is is so he is = he's because the second word is "is" its just shortened to one word why is this in society and culture?
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