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Homework help please? Topic: Preparing a research paper outline
June 17, 2019 / By Cletis
Question: I need help with a question from my world studies class here it is, How did the Russian Federation try to westernize it's economy?
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Ananiah Ananiah | 4 days ago
That's a whole term paper -- where are you stuck? Show us the outline or main points you prepared from your research on the RF's economic efforts, and let us know where you need a nudge over a rough spot.
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I'm not sure exactly what your question is, but you need to consider steps that people (or the city) had the option to take. In those days requiring all buildings to be non-flammable or having non-wooden sidewalks (this was before pavement) probably wasn't realistic. Try to think of things like having uncluttered space between buildings and storing water for fire fighting in barrels. Of course, people had to use candles and lamps -- there wasn't any electricity. So perhaps urging people never to leave a candle or lamp unattended (putting it out when you leave the room) would have been helpful.
Ananiah Originally Answered: Homework help. 12 year old homework?
Mention that Chicago could have had a better fire department, and the firemen should have responded better. You can also state what started the fire and how that could have been prevented. For example: "Mrs. O'Leary should have been more careful about having a lantern in the barn". Also, areas around Chicago were having problems with fires due to windy and dry weather. Chicago could have learned from them and taken precautions/prepared for a fire. Good luck!
Ananiah Originally Answered: Homework help. 12 year old homework?
If streets were wider and not made of flammable material it would have been easier to escape, and fight the fire. If roofs were fire retardant the sparks wouldn't have spread the fire so fast.

Topsy Topsy
They sold off the state monopolies to private companies and opened a stock exchange. They also attempted to attract foreign investment and expanded their banking and finance industry. They attempted to reduce state spending by cutting back on the defence budget.
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1. Baja California. It touches the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. 2. Asia, North America, South America (Continents) China, Russia, India (Asian Countries) United States, Honduras, Brazil (Countries in the Americas)

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