I want to make a scrapbook for my girlfriend. Where to start?

I want to make a scrapbook for my girlfriend. Where to start? Topic: Writing letters for coupons
June 17, 2019 / By Cleve
Question: Where should I go on the web for tips and which store should I go for supplies? I've never done this before... And girls, what kind of scrapbook would you appreciate if you were receiving one?
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Best Answers: I want to make a scrapbook for my girlfriend. Where to start?

Anderson Anderson | 6 days ago
That is a wonderful idea. Your gf will be thrilled. As to what kind she will appreciate-- I agree with the other posters that pictures or other mementos from great moments is the way to go. In addition to photos, you can also include other items such as ticket stubs, programs, post cards, letters, greeting cards, invitations, etc. Most importantly, be sure to include some journaling in each layout. Journaling is your hand-written or computer generated thoughts and feelings about the event or memory that you are scrapbooking about. Scrapbooking kits are perhaps the easiest way to get started, since they do include almost everything you need, such as papers, stickers, embellishments, etc. You may need to purchase a little card stock, which usually doesn't come with kits, and you will need cutting tools and acid free glues and adhesives. You can get this at any scrapbook store. Places like Michaels and Joann also sell these supplies, if you have one near by. If you go to Michaels, visit their web site and print off a 40% coupon. This gives you a 40% discount on one item, provided it is not already on sale. As for actually assembling the layout, I direct you to the link below. It contains a video demonstration for first time scrapbookers, showing you how to make a simple layout.
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Tottie Tottie
Oh, that's a sweet idea. Go to your local craft store and look for scrapbook kits. They are small books, maybe 8" x 8" and have all the paper and supplies inside the pack. You can add your photos and be done in no time. The only other thing you might need are glue dots or some sort of glue and a pair of scissors. The kit will have pictures for how to style a page. Don't forget to add in little treasures, like ticket stubs or love notes you saved.
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Sabella Sabella
If you want paper, embellishments (the extra frillies) that all match, http://www.paperwishes.com and search for "finished in a flash" it's a pack with everything included. There are a bunch of different themes, so you could pick out something she would like. As for what to scrapbook.. it could be about stuff you have done together, pictures, movie stubs, receipts from dinners, the stories behind the stuff... funny jokes between the two of you.. it can be anything you want! have fun with it, and I know she will love whatever you do..
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Nerissa Nerissa
I love the paper albums by Creative Memories - the kits come with all of the papers, etc. Just a scrapbook of your friendship would be worth its weight in gold - what a great gift.
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Lucile Lucile
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