In Captain America how does Red Skull get his funding/men?

In Captain America how does Red Skull get his funding/men? Topic: Hydra research base
June 17, 2019 / By Clifford
Question: At one point in the Marvel Captain America Movie they show Red Skull to even want to defy Hitler and Germany. Red Skull and hydra wants to have its own empire and defy the German Hitler led power. So if he is against Americans and even Hitler why is he still getting funding to pay for his Hydra program? Why is Hitler still supplying him troops? Why are German armies helping Hydra armies? I know its just a movie but I have been wondering for a while if there is a good explanation
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Angel Angel | 9 days ago
Well Red Skull served under Germany during WWII before he had any super powers. He is one of the successful generals at the time thus he has funding and soldiers from Germany which is a common thing for a general in the German army. It was then that he recieved his powers and saw himself as a god among men destined with great purpose so he rallied all of his soldiers that are loyal to him and named his army HYDRA. He and his men in WWII mostly played defensively and focusing more on scientific research and stealing information as he was able to convince Hitler that his technology will win the war but when Red Skull discovered that Germany was losing the war he declared seperation from Germany and become an independent faction and that is why he killed the German representatives that came to his base to see his technological progress. At this time when Germany surrendered HYDRA was still active and Hitler died without knowing all this.
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Trace Trace
this may not be the best answer and it's been a while since i watched it, i guess hitler didn't know that. i guess hitler thought red skull was working for him.
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