I stupidly let someone take advantage of me is there a way I can fix this?

I stupidly let someone take advantage of me is there a way I can fix this? Topic: How to write a short crime story
June 17, 2019 / By Clifton
Question: There is a significantly older guy who I met who offered to help me with some expenses if I spent some time with him. I didn't know that it was going to involve sex. The long and short of it is he claimed to take care of my tiny amount of credit debt but i found out he gave a phony bank account number to my credit card company. He wrote a check for the remainder of my tuition which was 2,000 but it turned out to be a bad check. Also I was involved in a start up company and he said he would make an investment so I didn't have to raise the my share on my own. He claimed to have done a wire transfer but didn't. Please spare me the comments about how stupid I was. I know. Everything in my life was messed up and I even had to move into a shelter briefly. I am back on my feet. However I have still not payed for school and i have even more money due thanks to the bad check. When I asked him for the money in the past he made up stories about why he couldn't give it to me and even threatened to kill me. Is there anything I can do? I don't want him getting away with this. He wrote the bad check directly to my college not to me. I didn't **** him for this money! He "gave the money" afterwords we ended up doing a few things cause I felt kinda bad for taking it.
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Best Answers: I stupidly let someone take advantage of me is there a way I can fix this?

Angus Angus | 10 days ago
Go to the police. He has committed several crimes (fraud, threatening to murder you etc.) and they may even be able to cancel some or all of your bad debt, however on this I am unsure. Good luck and don't fall for it again. Falling for it once is only human, twice is really stupid.
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Tracee Tracee
Writing a bad check is a crime; you can press charge for that. But, he can fight it with claims or all sorts, like it was for prostitution, etc. It's not like he wrote a bad check to a legitimate business or anything. So, you didn't really mind the having sex for money; it's just that you didn't get the money right? I don't know what to say; but you can email me and I'll help you with your problems; if you're over 18 of course.
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Sabryna Sabryna
I would get away from him as far as I could because these kids of guys have ways of getting to deeper and deeper in trouble. If you are a minor, you need to report him. Meanwhile, maybe you should try National Credit Counseling service. It's a free service that helps you deal with creditors.
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Nettie Nettie
.....wow....you should of took care of your debt yourself and not depended on someone else....and hello....why would a guy just pay all your bills to be friends.....really....you dont have to admit for trading sex for it....you were in a low place it happens. but dont play dumb. own up to your responsablilties and pay your stuff stop thinking about him. and take care of yourself....honestly a quick way to pay your bills off go strip. i did its not as bad as everyone thinks. guys are stupid enough to pay to see your goodies when they cant touch. in your previous situation you were played if you strip you play them. managers are very pretective over there girls. youll be fine. its an easy job where youll make lots of easy money. but dont dwell on the past hell get his in the end karma will get him. good luck
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Lunet Lunet
You can try taking him to court, maybe 'small claims' court. You would have to find out which court in your area handles things like this. However, without documentation, it might be an issue trying to prove it.
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