Is Obama scared, or is it just his campaign?

Is Obama scared, or is it just his campaign? Topic: University thesis papers
June 17, 2019 / By Clint
Question: He's leading in all national polls, including several key states. Karl Rove just came out and said that if the election were held today, then Obama would win by 3 electoral votes. And yet Obama, the self-professed paragon of "new politics", is threatening massive character assassination if the McCain camp doesn't stop bringing up William Ayers. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081005/ap_o... This is normally the kind of attack that does more damage to the attacker than the target. And yet when Sarah Palin brings up the Obama-Ayers connection, the Obama campaign says, "stop slinging mud, or we're gonna dive right into the wallow with you." You'd think, at this point, that they'd just let the McCain camp self-destruct. So, why the panic? He's not "fighting the smear", Nothing. He's threatening a smear of his own. That's basically the thing, here. McCain's camp smears Obama, so Obama's camp threatens to smear right back. Not a tactic that shows a lot of confidence. So, Nothing, you want him to "fight the smear" AND you want him to "stay above it"? Thanks for playing.
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Anscom Anscom | 1 day ago
That wouldn't be a good idea. I think McCain would have much more ammo on Obama than the other way around. McCain could start by asking these questions: 1. Occidental College records -- Not released 2. Columbia College records -- Not released 3. Columbia Thesis paper -- "not available" 4. Harvard College records -- Not released 5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released 6. Medical records -- Not released 7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- "not available" 8. Law practice client list -- Not released 9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate - - Not released 10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released 11. Harvard Law Review articles published -- None 12. University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None 13. Your Record of baptism-- Not released or "not available" 14. Your Illinois State Senate records--"not available"
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I personally think you are wrong on this one. How many times do we actually get to vote for someone who looks like you? Many white women are voting for Hillary and white men for McCain. So until we get the system fix. I am voting for someone who looks, think, act and have the same culture as me. I want to make history. Do you date only white women? I see most black men who like dating black women think this way. It's a damn shame. Vote Barack!!!

Tracey Tracey
The Obama camp will not stand for character assasination. If McCain and Palin want to bring of Ayers and Rezko then the Obama camp can bring up McCain's gambling habit, The Keating Five scandal, how he left his wife for Cindy McCain , his volatile temper. And for Sarah Palin they can bring up the fact that she let rape victims pay for their own rape kits and the fact that her husband was part of a group that the leader preached hate for America.
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Sadie Sadie
He's scared because he's calling their ante? I just don't understand Republicans. I guess you would feel better about yourself if someone just laid on the ground why you kick the crap out of him. More power to him. Fight the smear. __ Listen man.. McCain has done nothing to prove himself in this election. He won't prove his smears wrong either. I mean when you include the S and L scandal, Iran Contra, deregulation, Todd Palin's secessionist group, and his lobbyist filled campaign. I would like to see a smear on McCain but quite frankly, Obama needs to stay above it.
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Neva Neva
Check this quote in the AP story you cited. It is from a McCain campaign adviser. Tell me who you think is panicking. "We are looking forward to turning a page on this financial crisis and getting back to discussing Mr. Obama's aggressively liberal record and how he will be too risky for Americans." I'll be he wants to "turn a page on this financial crisis." Who wouldn't when your economic policies are EXACTLY the same as the policies that got us into the mess in the first place.
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Luvinia Luvinia
We aren't panicking. The Republics are - which is exactly why they resort to these tactics hoping that low-brow America will care. But even the ignorant at this point would rather get insignt bout the economy and things that matter, wouldn't you agree??
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If I was the object I would be both trying to defend myself and find out who exactly was behind it. The best way would be to try and build up relationships with people who have some sort of influence, like someone who most people like or look up to, so that they can dispel some of the rumours on your behalf. Or maybe try to laugh of some of the rumours by joking about them and making them seem ridiculous. If whoever the hidden person is starting the accussations and rumours has done a good job they have probably tried to come up with something really good for people to talk about, so I'd try and come up with something even better and more interesting for them to talk about instead and wait until it boiled over. I don't mean by assasinating someone elses character because that will make you look worse, just some sort of scandal that will take the attention off you for a while and give you something to discuss with other people that can show them you're not like the rumours say you are. I know it sounds really high school but if at all possible I would try to get someone i trust to poke around and try and find out where they are coming from. Like saying 'thats crazy, where did you hear that? i want to hear the whole story' and seeing if the same people keep coming up. And watch lots of survivor! i learnt more about stopping people spreading crap from survivor than anywhere else! It sounds horrible, I hope you manage to sort it out :)

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