When the heck did all this happen?

When the heck did all this happen? Topic: Business writing courses new jersey
June 17, 2019 / By Clinton
Question: Why do 12-14 yr olds have boyfriends!? Seriously?! I know freakin' 12 yr olds with boyfriends, telling each other they love each other, when did it suddenly become acceptable in society?! When did the mainstream music industry die?! Bands like LMFAO are more popular than bands like AFI. When did all the girls become so damn slu'tty?! When did TV become so horrible, Jersey Shore and the Kardashians are the most popular shows around, and it's all utter sh*t!? When did society become so trashy?! Why did we all lower the quality of everything? When did the world become so sh*t, corrupted, awful and idiotic? When did the world go so horribly horribly wrong?!
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Anscomb Anscomb | 2 days ago
please let me explain mainstream music today is very different to the way it was say , 5 ,10,20 years ago , the reason is because today, the record labels hold more power than ever before . this means they do not necessarily have to find talented musicians like the old days , because of the power they have to make almost anybody famous and selling records like hot cakes simply due to the power of the media , the media can brainwash anybody , young, old , or even dead into believing the hype around an act.this is why as days go by , i believe the illuminati theories more and more . . its also not in their interests to hold talented musicians in their books because the more talented they are , the more they have to pay them , and the more power they have to give them . in this day and age they can simply make you one minute , then chop you down the next . especially with such programmes on tv like the x factor and pop idol . now as you are well aware , one direction are signed to simon cowells record label , he just so happens to be the creator and power behind the x factor . he knows the with the millions upon millions of easily brainwashed sheep out there watching his tv show , that it is the perfect oportunity to sell his new "business" ventures .he also knows that the easiest people to persuade in this world are young girls , because they will go to school and want to fit in and will believe anything they are told .(not saying you are but in general they are), so that being said , he knows if he makes a boy band , who look nice , the millions of girls will throw their money at them , simply because its there , and they believe they really have to like them , and of course , they are on tv , so they are famous now . they are a diposable pop music which will be replaced by the "new justin bieber" in a few months . if you look up music of the past , musicians made alot more money and power because they were hugely talented and would often write their own songs , they would play their own instruments and if they were thrown away by one record label , they could easily find another as they had that much talent and knowledge of the industry , these days , the one directions and justin beibers would have no idea of how to survive if they were thrown away by their labels and we would not see them for dust . a band i recommend to you , are jamiroquai , everysingle song is written by themselves , they are a true band, who have worked their way up the industry via hard graft playing in pubs and clubs to eventually making it big time . not only are they hugely talented but they can perform every single song equally good live as on the c,d , as shown in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKZVNrC0QYA there is real funk in their music and they dont just make catchy songs , which can be easily absorbed by the millions of brainless sheep ., but songs with true meaning and genuis . i realise you may not like them as they are not "in" at the moment , but let me tell you , you will get a lot more respect in life if you are your own person and not , one of simon cowells slaves .
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Traci Traci
Since parents became the worst, along with the media, since teens pressured other teens to make bad decisions. And you think 12-14 year olds having boyfriends is the worst? You know, let me just sum up what goes on in MY school. These new girls came to the school because they got suspended for taking pictures of them peeing in the sink and bragged about it. This girl was discussing how she doesnt have a gag reflex to boys sitting by her. A guy took out his lollipop and she put it in her mouth. Nearly half the school smokes. A lot of people have came to school drunk. Nearly everyone in all my classes arent virgins. Naked pictures have been sent multiple times. My iphone got stolen just friday. girls tie their shirts showing half their stomachs since we have uniform , cake their face with makeup and others wear booty shorts. and this is just MY school, and were considered one of the best schools in the county. Two girls have gotten pregnant thing year. Theres much worse in other schools. Oh and this is all 7th and 8th grade. Im in 8th grade. And the 6th graders do some of that, but recklessly for brely any reason.
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Saffie Saffie
Dude, chill. There are more important things to worry about. There is nothing wrong with having an innocent relationship in middle school. There is nothing wrong with people liking certain music or TV shows.
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Nevada Nevada
Yep...the world is a f#cked up place. It's the media that is doing it. Those bands and TV shows you mentioned are telling people that this kind of thing is OK.
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Lux Lux
I totally agree with you. This world is such a sad place now. Although,I think the oldest you should start dating would be 13 and a half or 14.
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Lux Originally Answered: Why does this happen?
The exact same things happen with me. What i try to do is read slower and outloud to myself (when no ones around) amd really focus on what im saying. Sometimes forgeting whats happening is just because your gettig caught up in your thoughts, which is completely normal. If you want, you can try to read a paragraph and then reflect on it and what its main idea was. Do you wear glasses? If you do, sometimes when you do homework, you set your ears back to keep them from sliding off your face which is causing he muscles pain- giving you a headache *how i learned to wiggle my ears .* If you dont it might be the lighting your in, make sure you can see what you are working on. I hope this helps!

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