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Finance Homework help? Topic: Finance homework help
June 17, 2019 / By Clive
Question: Any help is greatly appreciated. There are 3 questions that I did not from the homework problems, and I would like to see them to help me study. Thank you in advance. Obtain the principal amount repaid during the last ten years of a $52,000 mortgage when n=25 and k=14% a. $40,311.86 b. $40,314.86 c. $40,317.86 d. $40,320.86 determine the amount of interest expense on a 25 year mortgage of $52,000 with an interest rate of 14% assuming monthly compounding associated with the last payment a. 7.22 b. 7.24 c. 7.26 d. none of the above what is the effective yield on a 25 year fixed rate mortgage if 20 points are charged and the nominal interest rate is 14%? use the approximation formula a. 17.2 b. 17.8 c. 18.8 d. none of the above
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Anson Anson | 3 days ago
1. Take a financial calculator, set up with 4 decimals and put: PV: 52,000 N:300 I/Y: 14 PMT: 625.9557 Then 2nd - amort - P1=181 P2=300 (last 10 years) PRN=40,314.8553 2. PV: 52,000 N:300 I/Y: 14 PMT: 625.9557 Then 2nd - amort - P1=300 P2=300 (last payment) INT=7.2199 3. discount = 0.20 i=k/m=0.14/12=0.011667 r= (2i + d / mn) / 2 (1 - d) r= (0.023333 + 0.200000 / 300) / 2 * 0.800000 r= 0.024000 / 1.600000 r= 0.015000 r= 1.500000 * 12 r= 18.000000 = none of the above Hope it can help you. :)
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.7 (100) = 70% of return .3(100) = 30% of return Standard deviation of rate of return is the days of the year (360) times the net asset vaule. In this case it is 70%
Anson Originally Answered: Investment/finance homework?
it extremely is going to run out on the tip of 12 years, the suitable value lacking extremely, being $5963.20. (i did not suggestion this artwork, so do not keep me to it.) in case you enter it into your calculator as $50,000 PV, -6000 PMT and 6I, then hit n, you're able to have the means to get an respond 12. I did it additionally by using utilising hand.

Tracie Tracie
If the organization paid no dividends then the cash stayed in, >growing Owner's Equity< due to the fact that Dividends is in fairness account. As for budget in marketable securities, it could be broaden in Assets.
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This question sounds like a test question so I suggest that you read your assignment or check your notes for the answer. Asking someone else to spoon feed you the answers will not help you gain the knowledge to run your business. If this is not a business class assignment, then I suggest you enroll in one at the nearest junior college to get your answers and more so you can run a business professionally. Junior colleges are very inexpensive and have many teachers that work part time and actually run a business. Good Luck

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