Why is my landlord such a jerk?

Why is my landlord such a jerk? Topic: Crave case stuffing
June 17, 2019 / By Colman
Question: I’ve been living with my landlord for a bit more than 6 months. At first it seems great because the place is really nice and well decorated and furnitured, the landlord is rarely home, a cleaner come in every week, and two other tenants who live here are great. The house is also in a beautiful semi rural area. My landlord who is in early or mid 30’s has always been rather shady. No body is sure where he’s from. He isn’t too talkative toward most people, have bunches of suspicious scars, and is rather cold and distant. He always claims he’s a translator for living, but yet we’re in a small city that is almost two hours away from nearest big city. One of the tenants once told me that he used to be in military for a long time and hinted that he have lose someone very close to him in war. They have say if you get past his barrier, he’s actually a very nice, caring, and a great friend that can be rely on. I am not too fond of my landlord, but I love living here and since landlord was almost never home, I didn’t mind it at all. On Saturday I and my boyfriend decided to have a party here while the landlord was gone. So we invited about ten people and have some beers and potluck and stuff. When one of the tenants came down, she was extremely upset and shaken by the whole thing and started to cry and begs me to get everyone to leave and clean up. We tried to calm her down, but other tenant came out and we can see he was so scared that he went to get dressed and left the house right away. Since there was so many of us and my boyfriend is really big and have a couple other guys with him, we weren’t too worried. A couple hours later, the landlord came home unexpectedly. He started by coming to me and told me to get everyone out of the house now. I tried to tell him everything will be ok and we’d not get out of control. He started to get more harsh so my boyfriend came up to him and try to be friendly. Out of blue, he attacked my boyfriend, so everyone tried to stop the fight but couple other people got hurt then my landlord pummeled on my boyfriend for a bit more before he pulls a knife out and hold it by my boyfriend’s eye and warned if everyone didn’t leave, he’d crave his eyes out. That’s when everybody left. My boyfriend have a fractured sternum, bruised kidney, torn liver, and some damages to face. I’m living with my mom now and trying to get $800 deposit from my landlord and trying to find an attorney to take on this case because polices classified it as self defense. He was unsympathy at all. He says since my boyfriend threw up on the carpet and everything on the table fell onto the floor, he has to use the moneys to clean the place up. I can’t believe someone could be such a jerk! What is his issue? We just wanted to have some fun and he did this. Now he’s just making things worse. I moved out that night without telling him.
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Areli Areli | 4 days ago
Let's see, you invite 10 people over to someone elses house to have a drinking party. The party is so bad that you upset your roommates to the point they are crying. Your "guest" refused to leave his property when told to. Not for one second do I believe your boyfriend was "friendly", friendly people would realize you were way out of line in the first place. Your landlords issue is that he rented to a spoiled, childish flake that tried to destroy his home. I would be pissed to. Kiss your deposit good bye. You should also dump the boyfriend, he is really bad news.
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Trista Trista
This has to be made up, what a story! But if its true then you need to read carefully through the lease you signed when moving in. If you didnt sign a lease then you are screwed. Damages due to the party can be taken out of the deposit but your bf can also sue for the medical expenses. It would be handled separately. I must ask, did he evict you and if so was it through the proper due process of law in your state? Or did you just move out without notice to your landlord? If thats the case, more times than not, that forfeits your deposit. About his "shady" way or history, it is all speculated so it has no baring. Obviously he acted in a wrong manner and quite possibly you could win a Fair Housing judgement if you file a claim in that manner. Talk to a Housing attorney about this and most will take it pro-bono. Since you moved your things out then that is classified as abandonment of the rental unit and could fofeit your deposit but filing suit may get you that back and even more if he is found wrongful and you left for your own safety.
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Samanta Samanta
I heard your story, but I haven't heard the other side yet. But from your story, I can tell you your landlord is not a jerk. 1) He has the right to get upset because the party was not authorized, you are taking advantage of him not being at home & used his place to party. You just live there & rent "a" room, you don't own the place. 2) You made the place dirty, your deposit will be used to clean up. sound legit to me. 3) Your landlord tried to ask your guests (trespassers) to leave, they refused. They were lucky that they were not arrested. 4) The police classified it as self defense, I wonder what "REALLY" happened there. It may be your bf was being a jerk? I don't think the problems are all from the landlord.
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Nirvana Nirvana
It sounds like you were being the jerk by having a party when the landlord was not home and not even asking if you could. It is not like you rent an apt or a home all to your self. It sounds by your description that you are renting a room in the place. You should have the decency to ask before inviting a bunch of people over for a party. If the police are treating it like a self defense case, sounds like there is more to the story. I don't think you have a case and will probably not get your deposit back for just moving out without notice.
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Lynnette Lynnette
you have asked this question 3 times and each time, everyone has said you were WRONG. Plus the police and tenants agree that you were wrong. Sounds like someone can't take NO for an answer. Maybe this is want happen at the party.
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Lynnette Originally Answered: My supervisor is a JERK. Should I say something to my boss?
Like you said, everyone is probably already well aware of Jeff's attitude. Also, with you being a newcomer, your opinion probably doesn't hold as much sway as everyone else who has already told the boss what a jerk Jeff is. For now, you should just try to have thick skin and not let him get to you. The holidays are an extremely stressful time in retail (I'm assuming that's the type of job you're talking about) and Jeff is probably even more short-tempered than usual right now. Also, since you are new, he probably feels the need to "start off on the right foot" with you, and prove to you that he is a tough supervisor. Over time, when he gets to know you better and realizes that you have a good work ethic and are doing your best, he will probably relax a little. And over time, you will probably do things that make him indebted to you (staying late, coming in early, covering other people's shifts on short notice, not calling in sick, etc.). Once he "owes" you for the extra effort you've put in, it will be much harder for him to treat you like this. If this happens again soon, just remember, you are an adult (you may only be 16, but if you're old enough to have a job, you are old enough to be treated like a grown-up!). There is no need to get upset. You have the opportunity to prove to him how ridiculous he's being. Do not directly acknowledge anything he shouts at you (such as by apologizing). Wait until he stops and say, "Jeff, I understand that there is an issue here, but I won't be able to do anything about it until you can speak to me in a calm, rational, respectful way." You can also tell him that you think it is inappropriate to have such a "remedial" conversation out on the floor for other associates to witness. Tell him that you would prefer to have the conversation privately. Also, it is company policy in many business today to have another female associate present for superior male-on-subordinate female discussions. This is to prevent sexual abuse or harassment from taking place, but in your case it can be used to ensure that you have a witness present for your talks with Jeff. That way, if you do decide to take action against him, you will have someone to go to and ask to make a statement on your behalf. In most cases, you should always respect your chain of command and prove to your direct report that you are at least willing to give him a chance. Once you have told Jeff to his face that you don't appreciate the way he confronts you, if there is no change, there is absolutely no shame in going to his boss to try to get some resolution. If she is unwilling to work with you and Jeff (and the rest of her team, no doubt) on these issues, then it is time to begin making a record of the abuse you are suffering and report it to your local Human Resources representative whenever you feel a breach of policy has taken place. Asking your boss for a copy of company policy is a great way to make an indirect threat. Whether this happens within the course of a conversation, or you just randomly approach her and ask her where you can locate company policy on harassment, she will get the message. Once she sees you are that serious and knowledgeable about it, she might change her tune. Whatever you decide to do, stand up for yourself. One day you will look back on this and wonder why you were so nervous about the whole thing, and say to yourself, "If Jeff did that to me today, it would be the first and last time!" When you are young, and especially female, entering the workforce can be an intimidating experience. But there is no reason why that should be. Company policy, 99% of the time, is against anything that makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable.

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