Could you give me book/author suggestions?

Could you give me book/author suggestions? Topic: Authors writing about cats
June 24, 2019 / By Colten
Question: I've recently finished reading the "Southern Vampire Mysteries" by Charlaine Harris and enjoyed it a lot. I was wondering if you could please give me some book suggestions. Personally, I love romance/mystery/horror/sci-fi and also fantasy books. I wanted to read "The Chronicles of Narnia", but some people say they're pretty boring, I'm not so sure about that though. So, which books do you think they're worth reading? Any good authors?
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Arieh Arieh | 6 days ago
The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien is wonderful, but can be annoying at times with all the description. If you're looking for any book, the Warriors series by Erin Hunter is awesome! Its about a bunch of clan cats that fight for territories and stuff-But the actual writing of it does make sense. (My explanation for it wasn't so appealing, but when you start reading it, you won't be able to stop!) And, if you are a bit religious, Left Behind is a great, uplifting series. Its about when the rapture happens, and all the Christians disappear. A bit emo, but otherwise, when you hear what is going to go on in the other books, it gets better. It isn't too powerful, but it will get you thinking.
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Trixie Trixie
My Favourite Books Are Called "The Wardstone Chronicles" By Joseph Delaney, The First Book Is "The Spooks Apprentice" And It Is Also Coming Out On Film This Year, It Is About A Boy Who Becomes A Spooks Apprentice (Tell From The Name Lol XD(Spook Defenition= Someone Who Hunts Dark Creatures And Helps Out The Community By Hunting Witches, Ghasts, Ghosts And Boggarts)) The Boys Mam (Boy= Tom Ward) Is Also A Person That Helps Out The County Alot, Not Like The Spook Though
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Sammi Sammi
Well, you could go with the rest of the crowd and read the Twilight series. Not the best writing, but it's a good love story. One of my personal favorites that has romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and realism is the "Great and Terrible Beauty" trilogy by Libba Bray. It's a tough plot to explain, but it's basically based in the 1800s in the P.O.V of a girl who goes to an all girl school and realizes that she has these powers to go into realms that are an "in-between" of the living and the dead. There's a long story line of how her mother had the power and how she was murdered by her best friend but I'm not going to give away anything. The second book is called "Rebel Angels" and the third is called "The Sweet Far Thing". They are very good to read and are super page-turners. Another is a book called Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zavin. It's about a girl who dies and goes to a place called Elsewhere and begins to grow backwards until she is re-born again. There's a big romance in it too. It's cute. Hope I helped :)
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Noah Noah
You don't give your age or gender--this would help with some books. One of my favourite authors is Pauline Gedge. She writes historical novels about Ancient Egypt. Child of the Morning--About the life of Queen Hapshetsut--only female to become 'pharaoh' The Twelfth Transforming--About Pharaoh Akhenaten the heretic king The Lord of the Two Lands Trilogy The House of Dreams They have certainly kept me enthralled. If you like sci-fi, Anne Mccaffrey has written 'tonnes' of books about her 'Dragons of Pern' including: Dragonriders of Pern Trilogy For light humour I read a lot of Stuart McLean's books--they are really funny. I am on my second book by Greg Maguire--I finished 'Wicked' and now on its sequel 'Son of a Witch'. He write quirky little 'extensions' of children's stories most of us have read. 'Wicked' is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West--it has also been made into a musical. Then, if you like THICK historical fiction, there is always Edward Rutherfurd's 'Dublin Saga: The Princes of Ireland' and 'The Rebels of Ireland'. These are choices that may be somewhat different from what you have listed but variety is 'the spice of life'!
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Lynsey Lynsey
Try some astral science fiction fantasy. A future world where a space agent travels out of body and into other dimensions. 5 books in series - Battle of the Archangels incorporates action, adventure and an unusual love affair.
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Lynsey Originally Answered: I am looking for the name of the author of a book called "You Bet", it is funny &?
That sounds very much like, "Bet Me" by Jennifer Crusie, released in 2004. According to one of the reviewers at Amazon, "Cal and Min meet in the worst possible way - through a bet. But as they get to know each other as friends, the two fall in love, but refuse to admit it to each other." Actually, that sounds just like something I'd want to read! I love comedic romances.

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