What pads might be best for someone with super sensitive skin to use?

What pads might be best for someone with super sensitive skin to use? Topic: Toilet paper reviews walmart
June 17, 2019 / By Conner
Question: I've got really sensitive skin. I've tried Always brand, Kotex Brand, Great Value Brand (Walmart generic) and they ALL make me itch like crazy and get a sort of rash..something like razor burn. It doesn't happen on the first day, but by three days of wearing a pad, it's unbearable. So much that I will just go without one if my flow is light and use toilet paper because I just can't stand it. I've always used unscented ones, so I know it's not the scent. It's either the lack of airflow, or the chemically stuff that's in them to absorb the liquid. I personally think it's whatever that's inside them to absorb stuff. I cannot use tampons, whatsoever. I have never been able to find any that's comfortable. I have tried and tried with them, and nothing good. So pads are my only way to go. What makes it even worse is I have an irregular cycle, and when I am on it, it lasts longer than a typical period or comes more frequently than typical. So it's even more often I have to use them and be so uncomfortable. My skin is sensitive all over my body- I can't use certain shampoos, body washes, etc. I just can't find a pad that will not irritate my skin! If no one here has any idea, I literally might have to start using cloth pads (they make them just like they make cloth diapers) and I really really don't want to do that. Trust me, I don't wear them for too long. With my flow, I normally don't make it 4 hours before I have to change it. On heavy days, it's 20 minutes or even less. I will say I don't use soap and water to clean in-between pads, but I do use wipes. Not flushable wipes, but baby wipes made for sensitive skin. I then dry with toilet paper. So not sure if that's the problem. Considering I have sensitive skin all over, I think it's just my skin. Also, thanks to the person that suggested Natracare. I've read the info and reviews on them, and they seem like they would be perfect. Also, according to reviews, I'm not the only woman to break out using regular pads...further proving it's not just me wearing them too long.
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Arn Arn | 2 days ago
There are lots of companies that make hypoallergenic ones, just like diapers. Browse Amazon to see several examples. Cloth diapers are pretty awesome, and so are cloth pads! You might want to try a few pads and a few disposable hypoallergenics and rotate the two. My first thought was EEWWWW, but I use cloth diapers on my child because she's allergic to all the disposables. And I thought, wait a second, it's the exact same thing! Amazon carries a few brands of cloth pads, too. So maybe just place an order with them and try a few things all at once. You may have to experiment a little to see what you like the best. There's also cups, like the Diva Cup is one example, that are hypoallergenic.
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Ula Ula
Girl, I think you are using one pad for a long time. I have also faced the same problem. I would share the things that relieved me from the same situation. 1. Use a pad only for 4 hours and change it. 2. Every time use change pad, wash your skin and dry it thoroughly with good absorbing towel. 3. Use ultra thin pads. Because stuffy pads with too much cotton in it release heat and which causes itchy effect to the skin. 4. Do not wear pad all the time, after you wash and dry it, keep it open and apply sone good disinfectant powder.
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Sapphire Sapphire
yes, Natracare pads are made from totally chlorine-free, natural cellulose materials derived from ecologically - managed forests and are over 95% biodegradable and compostable. Natracare is first to use the new biodegradable Bioplastics that are made from starch and hypoallergenic natural and effective sugar-based absorbents, to replace commonly used, petroleum-derived synthetic materials.
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