Do you think people should have to put their ethnicity on a job application Or do a credit check?

Do you think people should have to put their ethnicity on a job application Or do a credit check? Topic: Work career jobs application
June 17, 2019 / By Conrad
Question: My friend graduated with honors from an accredited Accounting program with a bachelors degree three years ago. he hasn't worked consistently in that field since graduation and now he owes many student loan fees and sits upon a heap of bad credit. He plans to go further in his career, but can't seem to get his foot in the door anywhere when it comes to getting the experience he needs. He has attempted to use the numerous agencies in the city and every time he tests with them, he scores off the charts academically! Then he fills out an application and he can't turn it in without some form of credit check or indication of what race he is. I realize that the economy is bad right now, but I also think this practice is unfair and it helps to weed out the minority candidates for the jobs. Should anyone have to do this? And what would be a good reason for it?
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Best Answers: Do you think people should have to put their ethnicity on a job application Or do a credit check?

Arnold Arnold | 5 days ago
You brought up a good issue. I believe it's wrong for people to discriminate in any facet of life based on anything, but especially race. I've noticed that certain types of job agencies do credit checks, because it's supposed to show how "responsible" you are when given credit and if you pay your bills back. But my thing is: how are you going to pay off your debts without a decent job? And if I can't get a decent job, what good is my degree?
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Una Una
By law, prospective employers can't ask you about your racial, ethnic, or religious background on a job application, nor can they ask you about your age, marital status, whether or not you have children, etc, prior to hiring you. None of those things are relevant to your ability to do the work. A background check, OTOH, prior to hiring you, could include a credit check, as some employers will look at that as an indication of your honesty sense of responsibility, and trustworthiness. But he should be given the opportunity to explain his credit situation before they simply dismiss him from further consideration because of it. What I would question is, if he graduated with honors from an accredited accounting program with a bachelors' degree, why no one hired him 3 years ago after graduation, before he ruined his credit rating by not working consistently and not paying his bills? There's something not quite right about this story. 3 years ago, the economy wasn't this bad, and a college graduate with top grades and a degree in accounting from a good school shouldn't have had any trouble finding an entry-level position, somewhere.
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Saranna Saranna
They say it is for 'statistical tracking", but I feel where I am a pacific islander or not shouldn't prevent me from getting a job ot a loan
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Nonie Nonie
I don't think you should because sometimes some places think you're one race and want to hire you or give you something, but when they find out what race you are they turn you down.
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