Should I go back to school?

Should I go back to school? Topic: Should i do homework or go to sleep
June 17, 2019 / By Corbin
Question: I have been off school for three days already (my teachers have been emailing me assignments so I'm not behind) because I caught the flu. Not bird flu or swine flu or any of those scary you're going to die flues, just normal feeling like crud flu. But I am starting to feel better than I did a few days ago, and I've been ill for 5 days now (the weekend too, now that REALLY sucked) and I want to go back to school!! I can't really believe I just said that, it's not like I love school or anything but I am just soooooooooo freaking bored. My parents are at work all day and my sister is out of the country. So, I spend an hour or two doing homework, finish it and then, poof, I have nothing to do but go on the internet, sleep and watch T.V. Well that might sound good but after a few days, it gets seriously coma educingly BORING. I want to go back to school , but I'm not sure if I feel well enough. Should I risk feeling like crap all day at school and possibly pass on my germs to everyone else? or stay at home and possibly kill myself (or someone else. and I am quite serious about both of these. that is how bored I am) from boredom. What do I do?????!!!!
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Arryn Arryn | 9 days ago
It depends how bad you feel. If you have a fever, a terrible cough, a insanely runny nose, or are vomiting staying home is better. If you have a simple runny nose, and a headache try some cold medicine and cough drops. For fun stuff check out www.girlslife.com when your bored. I feel your pain because my dad sleeps all day and I have no siblings.
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Arryn Originally Answered: I'm going back to school. ITT?
I have a degree in business and a second degree in graphic design and work in the field. It is much easier to actually go through a program and not do it online...no it isn't what degree you have...in graphic design it is ALL about the portfolio and knowing the programs (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Quark). Also, if you don't have a quick turnaround time, then you won't be able to make it in this field. It is true that knowing someone helps...networking always helps, but if you are talented or knowledgeable, then that will help you more. I don't know much about ITT, but it might be hard to learn graphic design programs online. I found it very useful to have professors that I could interact with who helped me to create an outstanding portfolio. I went to a state school, and that was fine. They have certificate programs as well that might work for you. Also, depending on the program, some community colleges are pretty good.
Arryn Originally Answered: I'm going back to school. ITT?
Talk to graphic design employers in your area - including that person you know. It's true that it's your portfolio that's important in that field; but what are the job opportunities like where you live? Most graphic designers work freelance where I am. And at least at first, it may be the case that you keep your medical billing job while you do design on the side to establish yourself in the field - is that possible for you, being a single mom? And if you did get into design full time, and had to be freelance rather than working ft for a company, could you afford to purchase health insurance and etc., on what a full time, freelance GD tends to make your region? So maybe your answer to all that is that GD is a "go", or maybe it's not. I'm not telling you not to do this. What I'm telling you is that you need to research what the job situation in GD is where you live, and then decide if you can, practically, do what needs to be done to get into that field - beyond the education.

Urbanna Urbanna
Where I'm from public schooling isn't very well so when you wish a well schooling you need to attend to a personal one. But this particularly is dependent, a few public faculties are very well and a few are very dangerous, simply as a few personal faculties are very well and others very dangerous.
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Savanna Savanna
I wouldn't risk spreading this to anyone else by going to school. Having said that, if your education is suffering.....you've got to think about yourself as well as others.
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In a pencil case: Pens, pencils, colouring pens and pencils, erasers, sharpeners, scissors, ruler, maths set and a small calculator In a make-up bag: Lip balm, a small tub of petroleum jelly (can be used for eyelashes and eyebrows), small mirror, extra hair accessories, nail file and pads or tampons (assuming that your a girl of course! :p) General items: A notebook, a reading book, a folder, your purse, a water bottle, your phone and if you need it for school and it can fit, your laptop And of course all this goes in to your school bag. Make sure you have enough space to fit in any text books you might get

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